Days before ranking in search engine is completely based on the search query and the webpage content with the search query or keywords. Here the logic is so simple more the keyword is used in the page, then more likely to be ranked better in the search engine result page. Now, the same technique (keyword stuffing) is in the black hat SEO which will decrease the rank of the webpage. In keyword stuffing method the site will get ranked though it doesn’t have any related content over the topic or keyword.

How Linking Affects Ranking

Next ranking technique in Google is based on Page Rank Algorithm. This is the time from which links in the webpage started getting importance. A link is a click text in the webpage which takes you to another page. Links can be in the text, image or button format. Based on where the links takes to (another page of the same website or different website), we can classify the links as Internal links, Inbound and Outbound links. If you place the link between different pages within the same domain then it is internal links. Search Engine robots can determine the internal links by looking at the domain name. If you get a link from another site or different domain then it is an inbound link. The reverse of inbound link is outbound links. If you are placing link to other website in your domain then it is outbound links.

Inbound links are beneficial to rank your webpages in the search engine result page. Inbound links are helpful to rank the webpage. Whenever you need a page to be indexed in the search engine you can place a link from the high-quality pages which is getting ranked better in the search engine. Many people may link the linked pages as they would contain addition information to the ranked pages.

Once links are getting important, Google started focusing on the quality of links. Google Penguin algorithm will evaluate the quality of links in your website and based on the quality of links ranks were determined. Penguin algorithm is clear enough to identify the artificial links and it would penalize the site if it founds any unnatural or artificial or paid links in the website.

How Linking Affects Ranking

Often Anchor text is the brand which will let visitor to decide whether to click the link or not. Hence, add link to the keyword focused anchor text or brand focused anchor text.

Link are important as they distribute the rank to the websites. Inbound links have large impact as it has credibility, authority which would have you in ranking. Internal links help in distributing the page rank between pages which is helpful in ranking of different pages in the same domain. Outbound links will give additional useful information to your user linking into the high-quality website may help associating your site to the same.