Still, SEO is as important as before and ever too. But Undoubtfully it is been transformed over the years. As Internet is getting into everyones life, SEO has expanded just beyond search engines to various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram etc.,

Earlier it was just Google or other search engines like Yahoo, Bing for source of knowledge but now, those days where gone. Adapting to new and fresh trends along with SEO is the new quote Game Changer at the present for Digital Marketers and SEO People. And 2018 is making it more complex with lot of updates from Google. Some of those were,

Mobile First Indexing:

Google has shifted its indexing priority from Desktop to Mobile devices, with note of number of mobile phone users and searches made from Mobile devices. As number of searches made in Google through phone is in higher percentage when compared with Desktop Google Searches, Google made this decision of mobile first indexing. To put the same on number, 3 out of 5 searches happens on mobile phones and Mobile Phones takes the place of number one method for searching outpacing Desktop which is on top over decades.

As name says “It just mean Google starts with mobile version of your website for indexing and determines ranking”.It just says to have “Mobile Friendly Website” to experience complete positive impact for your webpage irrespective of device they used to view your website. Many people think it as an “Mobile-Only”, it just says “Mobile First” that’s it, even if your website is not mobile friendly, the desktop version will still be indexed by Google in searches made form desktop. Mobile First Indexing is to give better mobile experience to enjoy the ranking on top as you get more visitors to your website through mobile searches.

Even if you don’t have mobile optimized version of your website, you can do mobile friendliness test. This test will analyze your website and will provide result with “How easily a visitor can see your website on mobile devices”. To do this, all you need to give is “Enter a page URL” and run the test, you will scored out of 10 based on your website mobile friendliness.

Mobile First Indexing

Help your site on mobile first indexing with this,
1. Responsive Design
2. Content Customized Mobile Website.
3. Page Loading Speed

Responsive Design:

This comes first when you need to rank your website well on “Mobile-First Indexing”. Responsive Websites will automatically fit to the device size in which your website is viewed from like Tab, mobile device and many. Responsive designs are all about optimizing the layout of the website to the screen size till that it is good and gives reader an entire access to find the information what they are looking for easily.

Content Customized Mobile Websites:

As your mobile screen size is smaller, you need to manage the contents on your website so that your content is appealing for mobile visitors too. For this, you can switch to accordions, expandable contents and try to avoid third party software’s which is not supported in mobile phones.

Page Loading Speed:

Page Loading time plays important role when it comes to mobile performance of the website. To obtain better ranking and visibility for your website it is important to know how to reduce loading time of the website. You must design a site that loads quickly and give an easy user experience. According to Google, best practice of site loading speed is three seconds.

Get your website to the best practices on the following in lines,

  • Minimizing HTTP Requests
  • Reduces Server Response Time
  • Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Reduce Image Size
  • Reduce the number of plugins you use in your website
  • Test your plugins regularly update it
  • Cut Down Redirects

These will help you in giving better user experiences for mobile phone user too. Even a small step on above will make huge differences on mobile first indexing. We are in a world, even a one second can have impact on conversions and indexing.

To know whether your website has moved to mobile first Indexing you need to continuously monitor your crawl activities and more or less Google will send notification via your Search Console (Google Webmaster).

Voice Search:

Voice Search which was once a Science fiction fairy tale is now here. Google has already indicated; Voice Search is the fastest growing form of searches and Google has invested huge on it. A study says, 60% of teens and 43% of adults were already using voice search. Voice Search has been declared as worlds leading technology to acquire market over the next decade. Some of voice search includes Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft and Alexa by Amazon. If you are looking for increasing traffic to your website, Voice Search helps to achieve that. In voice search user get the answer what they needand this will reduce bounce rate which in turn has its positive effect on search engine ranking. With voice search it is also possible to get answers based on previous searches.

Take the benefits from Voice Search by following below,

Long Tail Keywords:

Short tail keywords have already diminished along with type queries in search engine. People use long tail keywords in voice search to get the direct answer. Optimize your website for long tail keywords, and more over priorities answering questions like ‘why’, ‘who’, ’what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’. Your content in the website should be conventional in nature to answer the questions directly.

Optimize for questions people asks more:

Consider about what kind of questions people will mostly ask on your service or product when they are looking for. And your complete focus should be on providing the concise answer for better ranking. Optimize your website for the keyword about how questions will be asked.

Content in Informational tone:

Voice search is much more direct than text search it is more colloquial too. Your content should be on how you say the answer when someone asks this question directly, match your content to that tone.

Try for it:

Best way to understand voice search is trying it on your own for your targeted keywords. Find out the competition of ranking and you will learn more about it.

These are some of the ways to understand about voice search and increase traffic to your website. What ever you do on SEO incorporates with Voice Search to boost your ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as Voice Search is going to be future search format.

Featured Snippet and Answers Boxes:

Featured Snippet is new method to dominate the Search Engine Ranking. Answer Boxes give answer to quick question and directs search engine users to visit your webpage by giving answer directly in SERP.A study confirms, featured snippet is becoming more widespread and becoming more popular. Featured Snippets are result of your search query that are featured on top of Google organic results in top but usually below the Google ads.

Featured Snippet and Answers Boxes

Many people confuse between features snippet and answer boxes simply because they get answer for the question which is presented in a box. While what they forget to notice between quick answer and answer boxes is link to the webpage. Featured Snippet usually have answers along with the URL of the source in box, it just gives extra exposure of the content to the website where it is linked. Where as in Answer Boxes you just be able to see answer to your question and you can’t find any URL linked to it in Search Engine Result Page.

Answer Boxes

When you have captured the Featured Snippet, traffic to your webpage often takes majority of proportion to the search volume of the query or keyword. When Featured Snippet is found around 8.6% of clicks go to the features snippet.

Ahrefs Study on Featured Snippet includes,

  • 12.29 percent of search queries have featured snippet in the search results.
  • Around 31% of featured snippet ranks at very top position of the organic results. So if you are already ranking high in search queries there is good chances to get featured in SERP.
  • 99.50 percentage of featured snippet are from the top 10 positioning websites in Search Engine Result Page.
  • As like to voice searches, Long Tail keywords are most commonly trigger Featured Snippet.
  • Featured snippet of Google often changes around.

Identify the phrase that you have already ranked highly in Search Engine Page, this will be the easiest to get featured when you optimize the content for featured snippet. For this, Google Search Console helps in finding the search quires and give detail about clicks, search traffic.


Just like everything evolves, Marketing also evolved embrace Search Engine Optimization along with Digital Marketing. User Experience is key in SEO, so have highly quality content and the keywords which correlates with the search query of the user. As your presence in online grows it will end up in representing significant portion of company’s revenue.