Here we go through initial steps on what to do when a new site contacts you. In every stage of business you are probably getting a new client. Many business people now understood about the need of digital marketing. They are looking for the ways to improve their business performance and you need them to grow your business. Once a business people approach you for SEO related works you need to be right there for them in every aspect to convert them as your customer. Rank high on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing for related key phrases would be the one of the easiest way to reach clients. You can also try out running Paid Advertisement to get clients immediately.

How to Get New Client


Target Your Audience:

Finding people who are looking for the best SEO services will be the good move to get new clients. Reach out them with your help or expertise on improving the website performance.


Getting Started:

Many clients will reach you through Search Engine search result. Start thinking from the client perspective and prepare a list of keywords what clients will search. Concentrate on both generic and specific keywords and specialize your website for it. Try to be visible for the SEO related biggest terms in your city like “SEO Chennai”, “SEO Company in Chennai” etc.,



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Question and Answer Forum:

Question and answer forums will be the right place to reach potential customers. Quora, Yahoo answer are the best place to get answer for any questions, including SEO Topics. Many people ask for the advice or share their own experience on almost all the topics in Quora. This would be the perfect step to reach out people or offer advice.

How to Get New Clients


Help People:

Only if you are visible to many people there is possibility of getting customers. Interacting with people in your blog, support forums will ensure in reaching the ideal customers. By giving advise in blog comment session or in blog post will help you up in picking up clients.



As soon as you receive an enquiry it is time to speed up the first move. People are so busy, pitching them as soon as you receive an enquiry will increase the probability of turning them into your customer. This is because most often first person to respond will sign the business in many cases. So, whenever you receive an enquiry, call them within 30 minutes and try to know about their needs and gain some basic information about their business.

With their business need, analyze their website and recap what you have discussed in call and sent them a complete proposal with all their needs in a mail and set an expectation and create a demand. Avoid unrealistic timelines explain them how it works so that they could also be aware of what will happen at what time. Hope this gives you some idea on reaching new client and converting them into your customer.