Marketing is no longer a one-trick-pony. There are many different types that marketers must master if they are to stay ahead of the game. Most marketers (aspiring or otherwise) have undoubtedly heard of a few types of marketing by now.
There’s content marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, network marketing, scarcity marketing, inbound marketing, viral marketing… just too many to mention. However, there is one kind of marketing in particular that you definitely need to know about.
Attractive Marketing Works - Build Relation With Customers

If you can master attraction marketing, you can triple your leads… fast.

The basis of attraction marketing is educating prospective customers on the desirability of a product or service without actually trying to sell it to them. Let’s get into the details:

What’s attractive about attraction marketing?

Well, there’s a clue in the name. With attraction marketing, you’re not digging for leads. You’re attracting prospective clients to your business. So you must create allure without being too obvious.
Attraction marketing isn’t ‘salesy’ in nature; attraction marketers simply focus on education. That’s something clients are unlikely to run from! When brand ambassadors hand out samples in supermarkets, most people will at least stop to look. If you try something and like it, there’s a lot more chance you’ll become a customer. It’s a simple equation.
Attractive Marketing
How does this apply to you? Your business might offer free, informative content that inspires people to read it. That content is your hook. There shouldn’t be any blatant sales pitch.
Here’s the thing: your clients may not previously have had a clue that they even wanted your products or services, but now they’re considering them.
Obviously this is a great way to generate leads. Before long you should be converting those leads to customers. Why? You’re providing value without asking for anything. This is important; the moment people sniff a sales pitch, their guards go up. Yet if you appear to be giving without asking for anything in return, they’ll be happy to check you out.

Why does attraction marketing work?

Attraction marketing works because technically you’re giving away something for nothing. It doesn’t mean you have to give away products of services for free. Good, authoritative information is often all it takes; that’s valuable to your target market.
Attraction marketing works because you’re essentially building relationships – and of course trust. Relationships and trust aren’t built overnight… but as you are focusing on the needs of your potential customers rather than your own, it’s just a matter of time.
Your giveaways will be focused on what your target customers need. For instance, an ebook, a guide, a tool of some kind, a solution to a problem, a recipe, a piece of software… it really depends on your business.
Everyone loves something for nothing, but they also want to have a ‘go-to’ source for good information. If you can be that source, you’re halfway there.

The benefits of attraction marketing

Here are some great things about attraction marketing:

  • There’s no need to cold call, chase people, or convince them of anything.
  • It’s easy to market to the people who have come to you of their own accord. They’ll filter down your sales funnel without question.
  • You’ll find that you can collect email addresses for your mailing list without issue.
  • People will be happy to hear from you if they feel you offer them value.
  • As you’ve already given value to your audiences in some way, they’re going to remember you.
  • When the time comes that they want the kind of products and services you offer, you’re the one they’ll reach out to first.
  • Future loyalty is more likely.


How network marketers use attraction marketing

Let’s use network marketers as an example. Many of them understand the principles of attraction marketing and are quite successful.
Successful network marketers offer free presentations and webinars, coaching and events. They may also offer free samples and product trials. This works because customers usually want to get a feel for products and services before they invest.
They know why not to use the hard sell approach, so it feels like there’s no obligation either. The prospective clients don’t feel under pressure to join or buy, and they’re more likely to fully consider the products and services.
A network marketer looking to recruit might tell their personal story, history and how they got into the business. If they can tell this story well, it is often something clients can relate to, so it will garner interest. If they demonstrate personal success, they inspire others to visualise a brighter future.
The same principles apply to any business though; it really doesn’t matter what type of client you’re looking for.

Practical steps for starting your attraction marketing

So how can you apply the principles of attraction marketing to your strategy?

1. Know your audience

Who are the people who will benefit most from what you have to offer? It’s imperative to do your research on this. Take a look at your customer base. Decide who your competition is. Consider who would need your services and define the demographics.
Know your Audience
Think about psychographic segmentation. This means you’ll divide your market into segments based on details such as lifestyles, personality characteristics, values and interests. This will help you to get a clearer picture of whom you want to approach, and what you’ll want to say to them.

2. Brand yourself as well as your business

People love to know whom it is they’re putting their faith in. A good business brand is important but it’s not as important as your personal branding. That basically means inspiring people to like who you are.
Branding Yourself
Being visible and accessible to your audience is crucial. Let them know who you are as a person, and what your story is. If they like you, they’ll listen to you. If they listen to you, they’ll buy from you.

3. Talk about what you know

The first step is to figure out what it is that you really want to say. What do you know most about? What you can speak about with passion? If you know your stuff, you’re in a prime position to educate.
Once you get informative content in front of your target audience, you going to start attracting more leads. You can do this through bloggers and influencers, your own website, social media platforms, YouTube videos, podcasts, forums… there is a long list, so be creative.
Talk About What you Know
If you want to generate leads, your goal must be to create visually compelling, engaging content about your industry, products and services… always without the hard sell aspect. Remember to focus on the how and the why, with the audiences’ needs in mind.

4. Be an authority

If you don’t feel like an authority, it’s time to change that. Knowledge is power, so take the time to do your research on market trends, industry developments, new products, statistics and more.
Be an Authority
Only you can decide what is relevant to your business, but you must be seen to have your finger on the pulse. When you can communicate what you know with authority, you’ll soon be seen as one.
If you can become to ‘go-to’ person for your audience, they’ll soon become new leads – at the very least. They’ll also tell others about you, thus creating even more leads.

5. Up your social media game

Social media is everything now. You must ensure that all the necessary social media channels are open and active. Your target audience won’t take your business seriously without this.
A business that interacts regularly and reliably on social media garners trust. Lots of customers will reach out to you this way, perhaps even before they go to your website.
Social Media
All the brilliant content you’re creating should be shared through these channels. This is how you attract clients; but you must always interact with them in a timely and friendly manner. That means always responding to comments as well as messages.
Outside of your own pages, actively involve yourself in discussions and on relevant posts, to get your face and brand known.

6. Focus on building relationships

All relationships are built on trust, so that includes customer relationships. If you focus on customer experience – and what the customer is going to get from the relationship – you’re one step ahead already.
You must come across as genuine, passionate and knowledgeable. These are the brands that customers prefer to interact with. When what you put out there reflects this, new leads will be landing in your inbox in no time.
You must believe in yourself, your brand, and your products if you want anyone else to. When people start to interact with you – whatever the medium – be sure to respond in a timely way. Don’t let them down, and they’ll be back – every time.
Net Work Marketers
How you respond to leads is crucial, too. Do what you can to connect with them; find out what they really need. That might only be advice or support, but if they’re asking, they trust you.

Attraction marketing in a nutshell…

Simply put, attraction marketing brings your leads to you. You don’t have to go looking for them. You just need to ensure that what you put out there is attractive, informative and valuable.
Your face should be as accessible as possible, so that people know whom they’re dealing with. Lastly, you should be known for taking an interest in your customers, putting them first… and never dropping the ball. Especially when it comes to communications and delivering on your word!
Once convinced, your leads become customers – loyal ones at that. As loyal customers are a worthy end goal, attraction marketing is your ultimate method.
About The Author: Callum is the head of marketing at Warble Media. They are a boutique website design agency in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. He is passionate about helping local small businesses achieve sucess with their marketing.

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