The Website is the final output of web design. The user interface of the website should be interactive. There are many forms of web design templates are there. You have to choose the design according to your business niche. Some business organizations are still lagging with the poor design. To achieve a good design there are some of the related graphical contents like pictures and videos are essential to add to a site. This will create a positive impact on the website visitors. At the same time, the stuffing the more animations and graphical content may lead to losing the customers.  Visitors and customers always choose the neat site, because those sites will create a positive impact.  

 good website design

Choosing Font Family and Font Size. 

Most of us aware of content plays an important role in all kind of website, Content is a KING. For that choosing, the font family and size of the font is also an important task in web designing. If you are designing a website for a business organization means, the font should be professional. Most of the people will not prefer cursive writing fonts, so it’s better to avoid that kind of fonts. Next, the size of the font should be able to read by all. It should be either too big nor too small in size. Avoid small characters. The heading font should be a bit larger than compared to the normal content. At the same time, it should not be too large. For example, assume that, if you set some heading size to 50 px. This will look good in desktop view, but while seeing in a mobile view it will look messed.  So the designer have to set the font size separate for mobile view. Text content must be readable. Keep the links in different colored as much as possible because common visitors are previously used with the color. 



The interface of a website should be unique and easy to read. Usually, visitors tend to prefer to use easy web design because they do not like to discover how to navigate a website every time they discover a new one. Visitors should be able to use your website after only a seconds of viewing around a landing page/ homepage, and they need to browse elsewhere. 

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