Optimization – Make use of the things in an effective manner. Image Optimization is one of the important factors in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing a web page based on the search engine to rank in top of search engine result page. Optimization can be classified into different types based on various factors.

Image Optimization


Image Optimization – Ranking Factor

Normally Search Bot will crawl the web pages and will index the websites in search results based on 200+ SEO Factors and Image Optimization is one of that. Search Engine Bots can’t see the images or analyze the images then how it is considered as a ranking factor? This is the basic question to know more about the importance of Image Optimization. Even though the Crawlers can’t able to view the image graphically, it is one of the ranking factors.


Importance of Image Optimization

Image optimization can be done effectively based on two factors which are the size and text. Do you think Images will have Images? No, images won’t have text but we use Alt tag, title, description and Image name. These are the important factors in onpage terms of text.


Alt Tag

If an image doesn’t have proper permission then it won’t be visible to the users and in that place the alt tag will be display to make the user understand what the image is about.


Image Name

Using Relevant Image name helps the search engine to confirm that the image is relevant to the content in the webpage.

Image Optimization


Title & Description

A short description about the image will help them to rank them in Google Images which also increases the keyword relevancy of the web page.

In terms of size, Image Optimization is considered as a most important factor in Page Speed Optimization. Because size of a web page completely depends on the contents present in it. Most of the times we could see the webpages where images will load for long time and which reduces the page speed as well. Using Optimized Good Quality Images will reduce the size of your web page.

Proper Image Optimization will solve most of the problems with the Page Speed Optimization. Make sure your website is optimized for better ranking and if you are going to develop a new website then ask you developer to satisfy these things during the development process itself.

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