What is Voice Search? 

Voice search is a type of technology which is based on voice recognition, it allows users to speak instead of typing in the search bar. 


How does voice search works? 

Speaking is more convenient than typing the text people use voice search to find the information in online. As per recent result 92% of people using voice search. 

 The devices are designed with voice search optimization so that they recognize user queries and display the result depend upon user quires. 

 voice search

How search engine changes SEO 

Voice search helps in SEO in different ways. It helps to increase the local SEO because many of the people use ” near me ” so that it helps to improve the local search engine. 

It helps to increase mobile search because voice search differs from desktop and tablet searches. So that we need to concentrate on mobile optimization for SEO. 


Improve you’re featured snippets 

 Featured snippets are played a vital role in voice search, once we search queries the search engine found the related words or approximate results in featured snippets for displaying results. 



Voice search also helps to reach the top ranking in search engine. In 2018 voice search plays a vital role in search engine with various strategies.