In this digital marketing web design is important for all the business. Because the people need to collect the information from their, our website is the only place where we can expose our ideas to our customers. We must create the proper website for attracting the user then use proper content for user engagement.  

impact of webdesign

As per recent search results, people consider the website as mistrust by their designs, content, unwanted ads, unattractive colors. 

Importance of Good Website Design 

 Once the people enter on our website we must make them comfortable for reading, navigation. We don’t disturb them by unwanted ads. We must use proper color shades for our website. Content still matters we must provide the right content to expose our ideas. 

Web design and SEO 

We must provide proper navigation and content for building brand trust. A proper web design helps to increase the conversion rate. If we build trust among our user surely they will become our customers. If the customer feels difficult in page navigation surely they will leave our website. 

responsive web design

Call-to-action also helps to increase conversion rate. Use attractive words to convert blog reader into our subscribers like ” free registration, free login, register with discount ”  it varies depending on our business. 

 Color shades also play a role, each color has the different vision for eg: blue color build a trust, green for responsibility etc., By using right the color we must expose our brand to our customers. 


In SEO they are many strategies are followed to rank in google. We can achieve the results only when we concentrate on all those things. First and foremost thing is proper web design if we design right then it helps to step into next stage of Search engine optimization.