Nowadays, reaching a right targeted customer’s for your online business has became a challenging task. Without online it’s really tough to reach your customers because now the world is all about online marketing. Running a business online and making your website visible in the first page of the Google is bit harder. As Google frequently updates its Algorithm and changes ranking factors it become little tough for online businesses to rank their business. But, ranking your business in front your audience is bit easy with implementing schema markup on to your Website. Let’s Dig into more detail about schema markup.
Schema Markup for Ranking

Topics Covered:


  • What is Schema Markup
  • Benefits of Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup Implementation into your Word press website


What is Schema markup

Schema markup is a structured data or a code that you put on your website to help the search engines like Google, yahoo, etc to display more informative results about your Business to your potential customers. Markup is an Latest best SEO Evolution but least used today. As a businesses, you understand the schema markup method and its importance, you can boost your ranking easily.
The below image is one of the example of Schema Markup, which gives more information about the Company.
Schema markup
In a Normal Search a users can only view “Title” and “Description” . But, Schema markup helps to find More information about your business such as

  • Business Reviews
  • Business Details
  • Location Information
  • Adding Images and More Details

This informative information on your website helps Google to display your website in top position by all the information provided by you.

Benefits of Schema Markup


  • Schema helps Google to display your webpage more attractive, informative and easily engage customers.
  • For Local Businesses, implementing schema markup helps Google to display business information, product selling information, how to contact and more.
  • Article Publishers can implement schema to provide author information, article reviews, published date and more.
  • Schema markups are very much useful to promote events directly on the search results page. Your business will be displayed with venue, performers and more event details.
  • Even you can present images, videos, logos, customer care, social media accounts, founders and more on the Google Search results by using schema markup.

There are lot more benefits on using schema markup for ranking. But, many business never know about the schema markups. There are many types of schema markups. Based on the business schema markup can be implemented.
Schema Types

Schema Markup Implementation

Schema can be implemented on to website by two methods

  • Manual Implementaion
  • Using Plugins

If you are using wordpress for you business then there are lots of plugins available for Schema markup. Below i have listed few.

  • Schema Pro (Premium Plugin)
  • All in One Schema
  • WP SEO Structure Data Schema
  • Schema
  • WPSSON Schema JSON-LD Markup
  • Schema Ninja
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Product Review
  • Rich Reviews

There are lot more plugins available. These are few high rated and best plugins you can try on your websites.

How to Implement these Plugins?


  • Log in to your WordPress Website
  • Your Dashboard will appear with below option

Wordpress Dashboard

  • Click on Plugins and Click Add New as shown below.

Installing Plugin

  • Your screen appears as shown below

Search for a Plugin

  • Click on “Search Plugins” option and search any one from above mentioned plugins

For Example: I have Searched for “Schema” plugin and the screen appears as shown below. Click on Install Now and Activate the plugin. Now you are ready to use your plugin.
Adding Schema Plugin
This is the process for installing any types of plugins and activating. Once you have activated the schema markup plugin, it will be available in your pages and post, you can add them in the pages or post where you want them.

How to Implement Manually

Schema markup code can be implemented manually. Here is how to implement them

  • Go to Structured Data Markup Helper and Choose the data type.
  • Enter your page URL and Click Start Tagging

Implementing Schema Manually

  • Your Screen Appears as shown below. The page you tagged on one side and data items on other side.

Structured Data Markup Helper

  • To Add the fields you must click on the page, it shows the date fields, you can choose the field and the field will be add on the other side.

Schema Markup Implementation

  • The field you have chosen will appear as shown below. Once after filling all your fields, just click on ” CREATE HTML

Creating HTML in Schema Markup

  • A Structured Data Markup will be created in two forms, one is JSON-LD Markup Code and Another one is Microdata Markup code. You can choose any one of the code to insert in your website. The Screen appears as shown below.

JSON LD Markup

  • If you want to change the code into microdata, click on the JSON-LD, then you can change the code into microdata.

Changing the Code to Microdata
The Both the Codes are shown in below image. You can copy and paste the code onto your website. To test if you code is properly implemented use Structured Data Testing Tool.
Schema Markup Code Format
That’s it you have done with your schema markup implementation. Schema markup is one of the best way to rank your website by giving more information to your users. An informative page on the SERP helps in more users engagement. Try this schema markup and boost your SEO ranking infromatively.