Link Building is essential part when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Each Link comes with Anchor text. Clickable text in link is called Anchor Text. Usually anchor texts are highlighted as blue underlined text in most of web standards, though there may be some change in color. The words to which we give clickable links are “Anchor Text / Anchor Text Keywords”. The words in the anchor text plays important role in determining the ranking of that webpage. Anchor Text and the link to that text should be relevant. If there is no relevancy between the anchor text and hyperlink then there is a greater possibility to get penalized by Search Engine. 


 Optimizing the Anchor Text: 

When it comes to anchor text optimization, the basic rule is to keep it simple. Some SEO Professional’s over-optimize the anchor text which result in penalties. 

importance of anchor text


Distribute your Anchor Text: 

There are different types of Anchor Text like: 

Generic Anchor: These Anchor Text will give no link on the type of content it is linked too. For Example: “Click Here” or “Know More” or “Go Here”. 

Branded Anchor: Branded anchor are the safest way to use. Exact match with the brand name is the key in the branded anchor text. For Example: Giving the link “” to the text “Moz”. 

Exact Match Anchor: Using Keyword as Anchor Text is Exact Match Anchor. For Instance: Placing the link “” to the text “SEO Services” as SEO Service. 

Brand and Keyword Anchor: It is another effective and safest way of link building. As name suggest it is a combination of keyword and brand in Anchor Text. Example: Digital Marketing Services by Infozub 

Image Anchor: In this text is not used as Anchor Text instead we use image to build link. If image is being clicked, the link opens. 

Partial Match Anchor Text: Using Keyword in the anchor text along is partial match keyword. Example: If keyword is “Gift Shops in Coimbatore” using Anchor Text as “Gift Shops”. 

Long Tail Anchor: Using more than 4 syllables in Anchor Text is Long Tail Anchor. Instance: Anchor Text is important ranking factor in On-Page Search Engine Optimization 

Naked Anchor: If link URL is itself given as anchor text then it is an Naked Anchor. Giving “” as Anchor Text. 

LSI Anchor: Latent Semantic indexing is LSI. It is variation of your keywords. Example: LSI of keyword On-Page is “On-Page Techniques”, “On-Page Checklist”, “On-Page SEO Optimization”, “On-Page SEO Factors”. 

One of the best way of optimizing the anchor Text is to distribute the links on different types of anchor text. 

anchor text

Write Relevant Guest Post:  

Guest Post are very effective for building trusted strong link. While going for guest posting, it is important to check the domain authority. Domain authority should be 30+ for the domain in which you are building the link by guest posting. 

Anchor Text Analysis: 

It is important to track and analyze the hyperlinks especially backlinks. You can track Anchor Text by using Excelsheets and tools like “SEMrush” or “Majestic SEO”.