Colours are playing a significant role in the world in which we are living. It can help connect the neuropathways in the brain. Choosing an attractive colour combination to your website will increase your branding and improve your business or sales. So choose the colour pattern first and make sure about the colour schemes. Choosing colour and website colour combinations is a very crucial process in website designing and development process. Because your website colour will give psychological impact to the visitors. Particular colour combinations will give elicit specific responses to the website visitors. Colours can able to communicate with your mind, and it can provide a pleasant feeling. Also, Colours can able to change your actions, reactions and what you are thinking. It is a powerful and irreplaceable one.
Website Color Combination

Focusing on Audience

All humans in the world are not the same and not having the taste of the same colour combinations. We can divide people by genders, ages etc. Every age people and genders having different taste of colours. So you every web designers have to make. So before starting website designing process make sure that whom you are going to target.
If you are targeting women or you are going to sell products for women’s means choose the colour which will attract women. For example women like red, blue, purple, pink and green shades of colours. They don’t like orange, brown and grey shades of colours. So avoid these colours when you are targeting women. You may notice that the most of the beauty products website are in red, green, purple and yellow hues.
If you are targeting men, you can use blue, green and black shades. Because these colours are traditionally associated with maleness.
If you want to target both men and women means you can use blue and green colours. You can see blue is the most used colour in websites and a lot of people likes blue. It is one of the favourite colour for most of the people. The Blue colour is a sign of trust, loyalty and peace. It gives a brain a peaceful and secure feeling. Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and many more examples are available on the web to prove that the blue is the best colour to design a website.
Children like bright colours. Children also react to colours on a physical level. The wavelength & energy of each colour shades vary and affects children differently. So if you want to target the children means, you can build a website with bright and vibrant colour combinations. For pre and elementary school children warm and bright shades of colours are good. For secondary school children’s cool tones helps to enhance their brain activity. Recommended colours for children websites are blue, orange, red, green, purple, yellow, green and pink.

Colour Wheel

Website Colour Combination is Important
Colour Wheel is also called a colour circle. It is an abstract illustrative representative form of colour hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc. We can divide colours into three types are mentioned. Primary colours are red, green and blue. It is the original colour. It can be obtained by mixing of other colours. Secondary colours are green, orange and purple. It is derived from combining two primary colours. Finally, the tertiary colours are obtained by mixing both primary and secondary colours.

Contrast Colours

The colours which opposites to each other in the colour wheel is called contrast colours. Using the contrast colours for text with backgrounds will help to attract the website visitors. You can adjust the transparency and mix white colour concerning your design. It is also called dark and light colour combinations. And don’t use too bright colours for background and text. It may harm visitors eyes, and there is the chance to lose engagement.


Also, design your logo according to colour psychology. The right colour combinations have the power to bring more visitor and high user engagement to enhance your business website.