What is Page Speed Optimization?

Page Speed Optimization is the way of optimizing a website or a webpage and its files to load faster. A website may have more than one webpage. Also, the content will be in different forms like text, Image, video, audio and combination of all. It varies based on the website or its administrator. So the website will be heavy and it may take long time to load, in such case page speed optimization helps in loading faster and better.
page speed optimization
Nowadays,every business over online has become very competitive. There are lots of companies available in each and every domain, so people have the options to choose the cheap and best. In this place, it is more important to provide the unique and best service for better reach and visibility. When it comes to website, it is must to have an attractive website with very low loading time.
Recently analysis report released by Google mentions that, the loading time of a website is inversely proportional to the conversion or user interaction. This shows that people expect high speed and also they were not ready to wait for sometimes to load.

How Page Speed Optimization helps SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is another kind of optimization through which the website and its contents were optimized based on predicted search engine ranking signals. Search Engine is an algorithmic bot which arranges the website list in an order based on the search query or keywords.
Search Engines will have regular updates to provide the best for the people. In their recent updates they have given preference for website speed to provide the best for the users. Because, these much days the search engine algorithms were completely based on the contents to provide the most relevant and exact results. Now they are keeping a step ahead to provide best experience as well. So they added page speed as a factor and it supports a lot in ranking a page as well.
At the current situation, it shows that content alone is not enough for a website and it should have good page speed and performance to satisfy the user’s need as well. So optimize the page speed of a website and make sure it gives good performance for the users. It not only increases your ranking but also helps in providing best user experience for your visitors.

Elements of Page Speed Optimization

Page speed of a webpage is completely based on the contents present in that webpage. As discussed before the content may be either text content or any image or video based content. So the page speed depends on how fast the content loads and how it process. So it is more important to optimize each and every content present in our webpage.

  • Minification

There are various possible Minification which helps in loading the scripts and contents soon. Some of the needed Minification that can be done is HTML Minification, JS Minification, CSS Minification and more. You can optimize the scripts directly or using any plugins or tools which is comfortable for you.
Why WordPress for Website Development

  • Image Optimization

Every webpage will have some kind of image as its content. So it is very much important to make sure it doesn’t take more time to load it. Because most of the people prefer to use HD Images for the attractive website look but it will increase the website loading time. So here are the some tips to do the effective image optimization.

  • Maximum Image size to be used in a website is 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Make sure the image is less than 500KB. It is not the recommended size but it is better to use maximum of 500KB and you can use as low as possible.
  • Calculate and use the image size which is appropriate for that position. For example: It is enough to use 50×50 or 100×100 Image for a favicon. If you are using 1024×728 pixel image then it is not an optimized way. 100×100 pixels images will be only around 10-50KB whereas 1024×728 pixel image will be about 150KB. So use the optimized image at every place of a website for effective loading.
  • If you are using video contents, instead of uploading it directly in your website, it is recommended to upload the video content in some video platforms like YouTube and embed it in your webpage. If suppose it can’t be done, then compress the video as low as possible and upload it for a better performance.

If you are compressing or optimizing each and every content in your webpage, then automatically it will reduce the size of a website. So it makes very easy for the browsers to load your content.

How to check Page Speed of a website?

It is not a challenging task, it is very simple and easy to do it. Below are the recommended sites to check the website speed in a single click. These sites will also show you where to fix and how to fix instructions.


WordPress Plugins used for Page Speed Optimization

Some of the powerful and recommended wordpress plugins that helps in Page Speed Optimization are

  • WP Super Cache.
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Smush It


How Plugins increases the Page Speed?

When it comes to WordPress websites, it is very user friendly and people who don’t have any knowledge on coding or the actual web designing can also work on it without any issues. So if you want to add any coding or any additional features then everything is available as a plugins. So to satisfy all their needs, people will be installing various plugins and it will take more usage of resources.
Instead of avoiding usage of plugins, you can try to reduce it. If you are in need of inserting simple codes in your website, then just make a try to implement it directly without using plugins. Once you started using it then it will become very easy. You can also check some video tutorials that how to add the codes in a WordPress website.
Page Loading Speed
Recommended way to reduce most of the plugins is using the Google Tag Manager. Yes, to integrate Google Tag Manager you just need to place certain codes in header and footer of a website. Later if you want to integrate any third party application or a software then you can add it directly using the tag manager. Another excellent feature in Google Tag Manager is that, it will help you to check whether the code is triggering at the right time. Using this feature, you can check the tags implemented and other people can’t identify it through the source code.

Final Thoughts,

Page Speed Optimization doesn’t depend on the particular part of the content. It depends on the entire website such as website designing, content, files, plugins and everything. So it doesn’t mean that you want to optimize everything, because it is known fact that, if we do so the site will get collapsed like anything. So here I would recommend you to do the most that you can without affecting your site.