When coming to Business, it is important to have Online Presence and a website is the base. You must have a website for your business to project it over online. Also to build some trust over online you must have a professional website.  

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing and ranking your website in the top of Search Engine Result Page for your Domain Based Queries. Based on the research and practical experience, it is identified that the search engine ranks were based on 200+ factors and which is considered as the SEO Factors. 

title and desc importance

Among various SEO Factors, everyone would suggest to give more importance for Title tag and Description. If you think No, then you must check some articles over the web similar to “Important SEO Factors” and you can able to see the most important factor will start with Title Tag and Description.  

It’s not only because of Search Engine priority but also due to the importance of its appearance in the Search Results. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. In a search engine if you search for something then there you will find the list of sites and which is said to be the Search Engine Result Page.  

In SERP, if you are searching something then only thing visible there is “Title of the Web Page”, “Web Page URL”, “Description of the Web Page”.  

Title of the Web Page – It acts as the Heading of the Web Page which is moreover like a topic.  

Web Page URL – This is the Page Destination or Location of the content. 

Description of the Web Page – This is the Crispy intro about the content present in that particular webpage.  

importance of title tag and description

Users will enter into a site only based on these three things and only these things will be visible for the user in SERP. So providing some valuable information with the presence of important words will help you to boost your ranks and also this will bring the user into your sites as well.  

Bringing the users to our site through Effective optimization is more important than ranking a webpage. 

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