There are many strategies followed in SEO for search results. Image optimization also plays a role in search engine ranking. We think that image is a small thing on our blog post or page content. But the optimized images also helps to rank in search engine. 

optimize image article

Some Advantages of Optimized Images 

 Reduce Loading Time: 

First and foremost advantage is, it reduces the loading. If we use the image with huge file size it mainly affects the page loading, so that the user may not get the actual site we designed. A normal thing, the user always prefer the site with high loading speed. 

 Visible in Image searches 

If we optimize the images properly with their file size, Alt tags etc, Our images may visible in image searches also. If we use the image related to the user search keyword it helps the user to visit our web page. 

Increase social media links 

If we publish an article on our site we usually share on social media channels so that we can keep our social channels with updates. While we sharing we must use some images so that we can easily attract our user to read our post. Image and video only create the visual element for our page. Because we are not sure that all the user will read the whole content so that we can expose our ideas through images. 

image optimization

Some tips for Optimizing Images 


  1. If we use the quality images with reduced file size helps to reduce the page loading time
  2. There are much application are available for optimizing images
  3. Give proper image title and alt tags for page rank in SEO
  4. If our business related to online shopping we must attract the customers only through the images. So that we must use the images with high quality and that shouldn’t reduce your page speed.
  5. We must use the optimized images for social media channels. Because only the visual effect attract the user towards our webpage



The optimized image helps to increase user availability makes the user comfortable with the page content. Use the optimized images for your online shopping site to get the valid customers.