Once after your campaign set up, some important things to be set to make a campaign effective one. If you have doubt with your campaign set up just check our step by step Search Ads Campaign. Here, you will understand once after a campaign creation what are all the things to be set up and why it is important? Let’s dig in details
Search Ads

What are all the search Ads Setup?

As you all know about Google Search AdWords creation and their working, let’s dig directly into some important search ads setup.
Once after the campaign creation, few important set up should be done proper for your campaign to run active. Few set-up are listed Below

  • Adding Payment Method
  • Adding AdWords Extension
  • Adding Conversion Tracking
  • Creating Negative Keyword list


Adding Payment Method

Step 1: Click on the Tools Button Found at the Top of your AdWords Account (as Shown Below in the Images). You will Find More Option as shown
Adding Payment Method
Step 2: Under “Setup” Click on “Billing and Payments“. A Screen will appear as shown below
Billing Payments
Customer Information

Payment Method
Fill in all the details properly. Once you have filled, you can just submit your data.
Step 3: If you want to change your Payment Method, Just Go to Billing and Accounts Tab, you will find 4 options – Summary, Transactions, Payment Methods , settings and Billing Transfer. Just click on the “Payments Methods”.
Payment Methods
Once you click, the screen appears as shown below, Click on Add Payment Method to add another payment option.
Add Payment Methods
Every time when your account balance exhaust, Google shows Notification on the top of your account as Balance exhausted. You can go to payments tab to make your payment if you have chosen your payment option as “Manual Payment“. If you don’t want to go and check each time whether your balance Exhausted or not, just choose your payment option as “Automatic Payment

Why it is Important?

Without making payment none of your ads will run. So, it is important to set up your billing details as soon as you set up your account or once after your campaign creation.
If you haven’t setup your account yet, Here is the guide to create your AdWords Account

  • Go to https://ads.google.com/intl/en_IN/home/
  • Click on “Start Now Button
    Google Ads
  • The Below Screen appears once you click on start now. Fill in the details and click continue
  • You will be directed to create your first campaign and set up billing information
  • Once done, You account is ready to create campaign


If you are running more business and want to access all your clients AdWords details from one Dashboard. You can use Google MCC Account.

Google MCC Account:

MCC Account from Google helps business people to access and manage all the AdWords account from single dashboard. This is a simple and easy way to monitor all the accounts daily. Here is how to create your MCC Account.

Google MCC Account

  • Click “START NOW” to create your MCC Account. Your Screen appears as shown below
    Google Ad Manager
  • Fill in all the details and your MCC Account is all set
  • Below are the tabs present in your MCC Account



  • Your Account Dashboard will appear as shown below
  • Click on the “+Sign” to add your Account
    Creating New Account in Adwords
  • You will be shown with 2 options. If you already have a AdWords account just use “Link Existing Account” to link you account or else you can use “Create New Account” to create a New AdWords Account
    Creating New and Exisiting Account in adword
  • If you click Link Existing Account, the screen appears as shown below. You have to paste your AdWords Customer ID and send request, the owner must permit access to link the account with MCC Account.
    Exisiting Account in Adwords

The sent access will appear on your adwords account notification or else you can find them in the account access tab. Just approve the access and your linked accounts will appear on the Dashboard.

  • If you click on Create New Account, the screen appears as shown below
    New Account in Adwords
  • Fill in all the details and your account is ready

This is how you create AdWords account. If you are confused with creating an account, this will guide you with creating an account easily.

Adding AdWords Extension

AdWords Extension is nothing but additional information about your business. Adding AdWords extension gives more reasons for people to choose your business. Most importantly it helps increase your ads click-through-rate.
There are many types of AdWords Extension shown below in the image. Based on your Campaign setting you can choose ad extensions to showcase people more about your business. There are two level of adding AdWords Extension

  • Account Level
  • Campaign Level

Account Level of adding extension applies to all your campaigns created and new one that you will create in future
Campaign Level of adding extensions applies only to the particular campaign chosen. It is always better to choose ad extension in particular campaign for best performing of your ads.
While creating your campaign setting, you will find the option to create a adwords extension, but it is recommended to create extension once after your campaign setting is done. Once you created campaign, Click your campaign and Go to Ads & Extensions tab to create your campaign level Ad Extension.
Adding Adwords Extension
Sitelink Extensions – Using sitelink extension you can add more links to your ads from your site. This helps people to visit specific pages on your website.

  • When you click on sitelink extensions, the screen appears as shown below. Click on “Add to” drop down and select at what level you want your extensions (Account/campaign/ adgroup level).
    Sitelink Extension
    Add Sitelink Extension
  • If you want to create new one, Add heading, Description and your final URL (For Ex -> Adding About Us Page. Give Title as About Us and Description related to “Who you are” and Paste your about us URL).
  • If your want to use your existing extension Click on “Use Existing” and the screen appears as shown below. Now click the “Check Box” and your existing Extensions will be added. It is always recommended to use 4 to 5 sitelink extensions for best results.
    Adding Sitelink Extension

Callout Extensions – Callout helps to promote your unique offers like free shipping, reliable service and more. It is like giving more unique information about your business. When you add these callout extension, users get more detailed information about your service/products.

  • When you click on Callout Extension, the screen appears as shown below. Add your unique business details which helps users to get more engaged with your ads. You have to choose on which level you want to add your call out extensions.
  • To choose your existing callouts just click on use existing. The process is same as explained in sitelinks extensions.
    Callout Extension

Structured Snippet: Using structured snippets you can add specific products/services that you offer. It just shows below your text ad as shown below.
Structured Snippet

  • When you click on your structured snippets, the screen appears as shown below. Follow the Same as explained in above extensions. Here you can add how much ever products or services. It is recommended to add 4 to 5 specific products for better results

Add Structured Snippet Extension
Call Extensions – Call Extensions or nothing but adding your Business Phone Number which increase your Click through rate. When your call extensions show, people directly tap the button to call your business directly.

  • When you click on your call extensions, the screen appears as shown below. Fill in all the details. It is important that you keep your “Call Reporting On” to Monitor your calls.

Add call extension
Message Extension – Message Extensions helps people to contact your business directly through text messages. That is users can book appointment, get a quote or ask for more information about your business. Message extension is an another option to reach your right audience. The Below Screenshot shows how message extension appears. Fill in all the details to reach your audience.
Add Message Extension
Location Extension: Adding location extension helps people to know where your business found and will be easy to visit your location. You must link your Google My Business account and your location are eligible to show on AdWords. If you don’t want your location to be displayed, you can remove your ads any time.
Location Extension

  • To get started with your location extension, first link your Google My Business account email address.
  • You can choose find an account to enter your domain name and find the details. When you click on Find an account, the screen appears as shown.

Create Location Extension
Affiliate Location Extensions – When you are selling your products through retail chain, this affiliated location extension may help you reach your customers easily. That is affiliated location helps customers to find nearby stores. The screen appears as shown below.
Affiliate Extension

  • Price Extension – When you are selling your products, this price extension helps to add the pricing details for every brands. This extension add more value to the your search text ads. Price extensions will be linked directly with your website, hence it is important to keep your website for both Computers and Mobile friendly.
    Price Extension 
  • Price Extensions
  • Add in your values and your ads display as shown in image. The above view is for Mobile view. For Desktop the value will be shown as
    Add Price Extension

App Extensions – If your business goal is to make users download your app, then it is better to add app extensions. This help users to click on the link to download your app.
App Extension
Promotion Extension – The extension adds more value to your search ads by highlighting your sales and promotion for users who are in search of best offers. Fill in the details properly and add which product you are going to give special offer. Best for promoting any types of special deals.
Promotion Extension
Promotion Extensions

Why it is Important?

Extensions gives more added value to your business and helps customers to reach you easily. Hence, it is important that you create a extensions based on your business goals.

Adding Conversion Tracking


  • Click on the “Tools” icon. Under Measurements you, Click on “Conversions“.
    Conversion Tracking in Adwords

  • The conversions screen shows as shown below. Click on the “+ Sign” to add your conversion tracking.
    Adding conversion Tracking
  • There will be 4 option while you click on “+” as shown below
    Kind of Conversion
  • Choose what type of conversion tracking has to set based on your business goals.

Website Conversion tracking: When you click on “Website“, you will be directed to the below shown screen. Fill in all the details properly to track your conversion. Then click on “create and continue” .
Website Conversion Action
Now, You will be taken to add a tag that shows 3 option, you can choose one and add the tag on the website.
Creation of Conversion Action
App Conversion tracking: When you click on “APP” you be shown with 3 options as shown below. Click one based on your business and you will directed to fill in the details. Fill everything properly to make sure you track your conversion properly.
App Conversion Tracking
Phone Calls Conversion tracking: When you click on “Phone calls“, you will be provided with 3 option as shown below. Click one based on your business goal and fill in the details to track your phone calls.
Phone Call
Import Conversion tracking: When you click “Import”, you will be shown with many options as shown below. This helps to import conversions from other source. Click one and fill in the form properly to track conversions. For Importing from other source you must be linked the account with your Google AdWords first.
Import Conversion Tracking
This is how you set your conversion tracking for your business.

Why it is Important

Conversion tracking lets you know how many people taken action in your website or apps. Tracking your conversion is important to improve your campaign for more results.

Adding Negative Keyword List


  • Click on the tools icon. Under Shared Library click “Negative Keyword List“.

Negative Keyword List

  • When you click, the screen will be displayed as shown below. Click on “+sign“.

Adding Negative Keyword List

  • Give you list a name and add keywords that you don’t want Google to trigger you add when people search for.

Add Negative Keyword List

Why it is Important?

You add all irrelevant keywords that doesn’t match your business. This helps in decreasing you Cost per click for irrelevant keywords. It is recommended to check and add your negative keywords daily for best performance.
Where you will find your Search Keywords:

  • Click on your campaign and navigate to keywords
  • You will find options as shown below
  • Click on “Search Terms”. You will find all the keywords that people search
  • You can click on all the Negative keywords and add them in your negative keyword list.

Search Terms
This is how you add all the details for your campaign. When you add these details properly, your ad performance gets better results. Follow these steps to set up a effective campaign for better results.