Now let us see in detail about how to do proper on page optimization for your Web page.
On Page SEO is important part of Search engine optimization. One can improve their rankings in Search Engine Result Page by doing proper on page for your website.

Now let us see few tips for doing on page optimization.


  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • URL

On Page Factors
When it comes to On Page there are many factors to consider like heading tags, content, Internal links and so on. Let us discuss about some important core factors of on page.

Title Tag:

Title tag is an HTML element which specifies title of your web page. Title tags are displayed in Search Engine Result Page as clickable format in blue color text.
When you are providing the title tag for your page, place targeted keyword. Placing the target keyword in the title tag will help you to rank easily on SERP.

Optimal title length

In Search Engine Result Page, it typically displays the first 50 – 60 characters in title tag. If you have title in this character limit google displays the title properly or it will truncates the character if it exceeds the count 60.

Why are title tags important?

Title Tags are the important factors which helps search engine as well as user to understand easily what you web page is about.
These title tags are mainly used in three places,

  1. Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  2. Browsers
  3. Social Networks

Title Tag importance


The URL in search engine result page is the web address of targeted landing page. It is better to have short URL and don’t have lengthy URL. Make sure you add only the core part of the content and make it short and simple. Try implementing breadcrumbs for your website in order to help user to navigate easily within your website.

Meta Description:

The meta description is the important thing to look in each web page.  It is a small descriptive content which appears below the Title of web page in Search Engine Result Page. In the past, Google has shown the meta descriptions with the length of the 160 characters on the SERP. But recently Google has extended it from 160 characters to the 320 characters. Add the meta description which briefly describes the content present on the web page. The meta description should be in a way that it should tempt the user to click on the link and visit the web page to read the content. Updating the web pages with proper meta description will help in improving the ranks in SERP.
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Common Mistakes While Writing Meta Description:


Do Not Use Duplicate Meta Description

Meta Description must be unique for all web pages in your website. You should not duplicate the description, if you do so the rank may get drop. Because, Meta Description is the important factor in On-Page, as it narrates the brief content of your website.

Character Count:

As we discussed earlier, Meta Description must be within 320 characters. Using more character than 320 Google will trim the description automatically and it allows only 320 characters, these may reduce clicks for your link on Search Engine Result Page.

Use Descriptive Content:

Provide easily understandable and meaningful content in description, so that user may visit your web page. Avoid using boring or irrelevant content, it will not make the user to click on your link to visit website. It is better to have clear knowledge about your web page and give description accordingly.
Avoid these common mistakes while giving meta description and make sure you have unique description and help users to click on your link.


Thus these are the important factors in the On-Page optimization. There are still some other On Page factors like internal links, content quality, heading tags, image alt tags, etc. As a business people, you should optimize your website in the best way to rank top of the SERP among your competitors.

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