There are some important things to be considered while publishing the every blog post in your site. Let’s see the most important things one by one.

Clear Title

The title of the blog post should be short & sweet and crystal clear. By reading the post title, the reader should able to predict what you are going to say in that article. It should not be more than 10-word count. The title of the article should be relevant to the content which you are going to deliver.

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At the beginning of the article, give the abstract that what you are going to say in that article in a crisp. So that the readers can understand your points.

Sub Headings

Give key points as subheadings as much you can able to give because most of the search engine crawls subheading first and may change to rank in the top of the search engine results. In addition to that, the readers can also understand your important key points.


Images play an important in an every blog post. Generally, readers would not prefer the raw content. They feel bored to read such a posts. So place appropriate images into your article. Add 3 to 4 images if your post count is within 700 words. Use quality optimized images to attract the readers. If possible use cartoon images, this is based on the type of the article which you are going to publish. If you are publishing tutorials means, give images for each step, so that they can follow your steps.

Category & Tags

You can give one to two categories and 3 to 4 tags for a single blog post. The users can easily identify your post by adding this categories and tags. This will increase the click-through rate for your website. And at the end of each blog post mention related post at the end. This improves user engagement. If you are using WordPress blog, you can easily add categories and tags.

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Last but not least, the content plays a vital role in every blog post. The content of the article should be clear and understandable to all type of readers. Align the texts properly, you can justify the text for neat presentation. And the proximity is one of the important terms to be considered, keep the keywords in a single phrase. Give links to other articles also, the linking article should be relevant to the main article. The length of the permalink should not be more than 3 to 4-word count. Also, use text styles for the important keywords or phrases like bold, italic and underlined.