Do you think increase in readability score directly impacts on ranking? Writing a worthy and faultless grammatically readable contents really pay-off? We have huge belief and that had pay-off good results in writing amazing content. Writing a content with good readability score will surely lead to huge traffic with higher ranking.

So why is readability is most important part of content writing? I’ll give you two reasons to discuss on the readability of content that improves importance for SEO. The main reason for importance on readability score would be based on the growth of voice search. Another reason is, Google’s Algorithm is marching towards the betterment of ‘human-like’ approach.

How to Improve Readability Score


The dominance of voice search:

Even though the usage of voice search is very less, Google and other search engines are showing more intent in development of voice search results. If the results are on voice, then the search should be of voice as well. The most important thing is that search engines want voice search as the next big thing in the market, where readability is more important.

People searching for voice search would end up listening to long set of information which can either be content or another voice result. If the result is of long information and difficult words, then the voice result is not easy to understand.

Google updates will start to prefer understandable content as their first priority. Whether voice search is next big or not, their importance to result in the best is very keen.

voice search


Human-Like Google’s Algorithm:

Google is very good at pretending what a user actually needs. The algorithm of Google update is a clone of human behaviours. It reads text as human being mind. As Google is mimicking the human’s behaviour, it is important to focus on the readability of the content.

Google will assess the topic of text as like as humans prefer to do. When a person enters into the blog post, they will read headings, subheadings and first sentence of each subheading, this is how Google’s algorithm also traverse into the content. All the things a human mind tend to do is actually what Google does. A paragraph’s first sentence(core sentence) always matters in both user and algorithmic way. Have a clear, well written and well-structured content posses more impact towards blog post.


Demand for Readable Content:

If you’re using Yoast as an SEO Plugin, then you must read the guidelines provided by them for more understandability on readability score. To be more specific, make use of lots of transition words, as it will establish the connection between two sentences. Contents which are understandable will have short sentences and few difficult and long words. It is pretty simple, if you write a good text, it will satisfy both audience and Google.