What is Page Speed?

Search Engine uses multiple factors to determine the ranking of the website in search engine result page. From 2010, Google announced website loading speed which is page speed would begin to have its impact in the ranking of the website. Page Speed is time taken to fully load or display the content on the page. Whatever it is, faster the site loads, is always the better. Increasing the page speed has two advantages, one is obviously ranking in search engine and better user experience.

Page Loading Speed


Why Page loading time matter?

In the fast internet era, if a page didn’t load in few milliseconds to two seconds, visitor will leave the site. If your site takes more than two seconds to load then you are losing 40% of traffic which means internet user leaves your website though you have everything in the webpage what the user is looking for. If people leave your website as it is slow, then it will result in high bounce rate. A high bounce is indirect way of measuring the ranking and user experience. High bounce will tell the search engine that the site has low quality content and your ranking will be affected.


How to measure the page loading time?

How to Increase Your Page Loading Speed

Check your site performance in Pingdom. You just need to give your website URL and get your performance report. Make sure your site loads within two to three seconds for the better performance.


How to increase the page loading speed?


Cache Plugin:

If you are using WordPress, one of the easiest way to increase the loading speed is by installing the cache plugins like WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache. As name says, it will cache the website version and do lot of work behind the browser just install it use all the advantages of the cache plugin.



Having all the website medias like audio, images, video in the content delivery network is one of the best way to speed up your website loading speed. In fact, both the cache plugins discussed above supports CDA by default. CDN will host your files in large network server around the world so when a user visits the website from anywhere in the world, they will load the files from the server which is closest to them. Implementing CDN to your website will increasing the loading speed of your website, increases the content availability and improve website security.


Optimize the media contents:

Optimize the media files like images, video in your website. Focus mainly in Size, Format and the Src attribute of the images. If your image size is high, it will take long time to load so keep your images as small as possible. Recommended image size would be within 150 KB. Image format is another important factor, JPEG is the best image format option. PNG is good but this format will not be supported in old browsers. Can use GIF for small graphics or animated images, so image optimization is very important.

These were basic techniques which will help you in increasing the loading speed. Talk with your SEO professionals and Web Developing team to do advanced optimization techniques to increase the page loading speed.