Most of us know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the great way to increase traffic to our website. It is not the only way there is a lot of other ways to drive traffic to your site. Before going to increase traffic to your site, let us find what are the reasons for low website traffic. Once we find and fix the reason for the low traffic on the website, it could be the best thing to help yourself to increase traffic to your website.

Reason for low Website Traffic:

It could be any one of the reasons below for not getting good traffic to your website,
1. Server Overloaded
2. Recent Changes in Website
3. Google is not indexed your website

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Server Overloaded:

Web servers are easily overloaded and it can be the first thing that you have to look into when your website goes down. It is very common to lose traffic to your website when the website is not able to keep up with the demand from people. It is important to optimize your website to make it be ready to serve what people look for even in traffic spikes.

Recent changes in Website:

Design changes have an impact on website loading speed and when the site takes too long to load the content from the server then we may loss huge traffic to our website. Even if your site ranks well in search engine result page and it takes a long time to load we are losing the advantages of the ranking site in SERP.

Google has not indexed your site:

If you are not sure whether Google has indexed your site or not. Test your site by searching exactly for the domain name. If you could find your site in Search Result, check your site performance in Google Search Console and fix the technical issues like No Index, Blocking for Search Engine Crawl or penalized and more.
If everything on your website seems okay, then tips will help you to increase traffic to your website.

1. Create Valuable Content:

Content is what people look for on your website. It would be the best thing you can do to help the people who are visiting your website. Think in the aspect of your ideal customer and try to come up with the answer which has useful content what they are actually looking for.

2. Promote your Content:

Social Media is the brilliant way to increase traffic to your website. You can even use paid ads in Google or Facebook to increase traffic to your website. It is optimal to go for paid ads after ensuring your content works well to convert the website traffic to leads.

3. Get SEO for your Website:

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is both a search engine and user-friendly. By means of search engine optimization, don’t stuff keywords in your webpage instead include search phrases of your product or service in your content.
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4. Re-Marketing:

Remarketing is another good way to increase traffic to your website. In remarketing you only target people who have previously visited your website. This is the smart way to advertise, as you get only targeted traffic to your website.


Think about quality when increasing traffic to your website we need the right audience as traffic who are more likely to buy our product or opt to our service rather than trying to get as many people into best with hoping to get more leads. Focus on getting top in Google search result, regular check-in Google Search Console to know if there are any technical issues on site and start promoting your content. Hope this would help you to increase traffic to your website.

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