Do you people think that all the websites who provide you the links are providing a contribution to your ranks? Whether all the links are “dofollow” links? In today’s blog post I will show you the value of nofollow links and the platforms which are mandatory in providing only nofollow links. 

 no follow links

The bottom line of the story is that you will not get any value from such nofollow links. Meanwhile, there are some ways to get such things and I will show you how to do. 

Social Media Platforms 

There are a bunch of platforms as you know like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, where you could have put a huge effort in pulling up the number of backlinks, but they really don’t. They do nothing but leaves a reference for your website. 


Comment Section: The So-Called Blog Commenting 

Some pundits are suggesting you to interact and make good relationship with other bloggers. But they really don’t have real time to spend on a relationship which makes no point in the end since you will end up with nofollow links. If you trust that a platform or blogger is providing you dofollow links then go after it and suggest for us as well. 


Open Forums 

The open forums like Quora, Reddit, YouTube are of different points in interaction with users like writing, posting and upload videos respectively, but they are equal in providing you only nofollow links.  


So, How to increase the value of your nofollow links? 


Quora Contribution: 

Though I have said quora is providing nofollow links, you can get value in some other ways. You are a person who engages lots of time in quora with credentials applied you can relate this one. After answering a question in a very interesting way, you may get noticed by media, press or journalist, then your answer can get featured with reference to your answer added. Even though it looks too long and highly rated, these things are happening. 

 quora contribution

Low popular blogs: 

Instead of diving into the highly rated profile, you can go through some low popular profile where your comments will sound more to the blogger, only if you wrote such neat and healthy comment on their blog post. 


Republishing and amplifying the article: 

Spend time to write your own content on your website and republish them in the platforms like medium, Forbes and Huffington Post, here, Medium plays a huge role. You can have thought that they are not providing dofollow links, but you are linking back to your site for citation building.