Voice Search In 2018

Voice search update in 2018 is the biggest change that we have already discussed a lot. Voice search has changed the SEO market. We have already noticed that voice search update has been increased a lot. A study in 2018 says, that voice search is becoming more comfortable among the public. While comparing with last year, this year there is the greatest increase in the voice search percentage.  

 Also, the study says about why people use voice commands and where these voice commands are used. Also, it has been noticed due to this top increase in Voice search, the interaction with the devices soon may be used as a touch data. 


 The voice search is more used in the home alone and home with friends while comparing the past survey as reported by few people. But these two situation is not alone the case, while people using voice search is catching up more in the public through mobile devices. The people using voice search is growing in public such as theaters, restaurants and even more.  

Recent Statistics About Voice Search

 While 40% of the people are annoyed by hearing the voice commands in their phones. But 60% of the people like to use Voice commands. Also, they agree that voice search makes their smartphone use easier. Finally, the study says that voice commands are going to be a top revolution, hence it is better for marketers to learn to connect with customers through voice-only channels.