Search Engine is the place where people were used to search for the things they need or about something they want to know about. At present there are so many search engines like Google, Bing, etc. and among them Google is the most used search engine.  

Search Engines were preferred based on two important factors – User Friendly Interface and Exact results. These two factors play a major role in terms of Search Engine. Giving the user friendly interface will make the user to feel comfortable and it is as important as providing the exact relevant results.  

search engine results

How Search Engine Works? 

Search Engine Bot is a programmed sequence based on which the websites were indexed and ranked in Search Engine Result Page. SERP – Search Engine Result Page is the area where the search results appear.  

There is millions of website hosted in the web and it is increasing day by day. You can’t guarantee that every website over the web will get indexed. So to capture all the sites google has provided two direct ways to submit a website in Search Engine.  

Submit Your Website to Google 

Every blog owner will have their dream to rank their site in top results of Google to increase the site traffic. So if there is an opportunity to index your site in few mins then will they ignore that? No, they won’t ignore that. Even people started to index their every webpage in Google to get indexed and to rank as early as possible.  

You can submit your website in google through submitting the Sitemap in Google Search Console. Also to submit a single webpage in google, just search for “submit to google”, you will be shown an area to submit your webpage. But to do this you must sign in with your google account.  

Indexing & Ranking 

Indexing is different from ranking and to index a site just submitting you link in Search Console is enough but to rank a web page you must optimize it. To check whether you website is indexed or not, you can just place the webpage URL in Google search and if your webpage comes in SERP then it means your webpage is indexed. If you are using a keyword or a term in search engine and your webpage ranks in it then it is said to be ranking.

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