Competition Commission of India (CCI) yesterday fines Google as Rs 136 Crores for abusing the organic search positions. This order was passed as a result of the case filled by and Public Interested advocate CUTS (Consumer Unity and Trust Society) led by Pradeep Mehta. This case has been reviewed from 2012 when it is filled against Google LLC, Google India Pvt Ltd, and Google Ireland Limited. Passing on order on complaints the CCI Commission imposed a penalty on Google for dominating the organic results.

India Fines Google with Rs. 136 Crores for Search Bias

By considering the Google submission, the penalty has decided to impose the penalty at the rate of 5% of the total revenue generated from India for the financial year of 213, 2014 and 2015. As a result, CCI commission asked Google to deposit the amount of Rs. 136 Crore as the penalty within 60 days of receiving the order.

In June 2012, CCI asked Directorate General to conduct an investigation and the preliminary report is issued by Directorate General in August 2015.The report submitted by Directorate General looked in the following four aspects and submitted the report of the whether Google,

  • Abuse the search results
  • Unfair conditions on ad
  • Company’s distribution
  • Intermediation Agreements Restrict Competition

About a year later in September 2016, Competition Commission of India shared the preliminary report with Google for which Google has submitted a written response. In January 2017, Google gave an oral submission in the hearing and by yesterday (Feb 8, 2018, Thursday). Google spokesperson said, the company has always focused on innovating to support the evolving needs of users. “The Competition Commission of India has confirmed that, on the majority of issues it examined, our conduct complies with Indian competition laws. We are reviewing the narrow concerns identified by the Commission and will assess our next steps.

By noting the product design and design of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and Google being the gateway for the majority of internet users, CCI fined Google, with the amount of Rs. 136 Crores. Here is complete CCI Discussion File.