Domain Authority tells how well a website will perform in Search Engine. It is one of the search engine ranking factor developed by Moz to overview the site performance. Domain Authority scales from 0 to 100 logarithms scale-based website performance popularity measure. In other words, it is a measure of websites overall link profile.

How to influence Domain Authority

A website with a large number of links to high-quality links to well-established sites like Wikipedia is always on the top of domain authority scale. Built an effective inbound link to increases your Domain Authority. A new website will start its scale from one in Domain Authority.

If you are working to improve your domain authority firstly identify the site value with the value of links that are present on your website. Focus on getting links from the high authority site which is well and good for SEO and has a reflection in Domain Authority too. There may be fluctuations in the Domain Authority if you lose your backlinks. Your Domain Authority may fall without losing any backlinks too; if that happens then, your competitors site more links. You can find Domain Authority using MozBar, Open Site Explorer, Website Checker Tool. Unlike other SEO Metric, Domain Authority is difficult to influence as it may give unpredicted results. Since domain authority is calculated from a lot of factors. The only way to change this metric positively is to improve the overall SEO of your website. Focus on Link Profiles by getting more linked from the well-linked or high domain authority sites like Wikipedia.