Infographics is a graphical/visual representation of data, information or knowledge intended to describe the information clearly and quickly. Infographics became one of the popular forms of content marketing techniques which can able to help you to turn an even boring topic into something interesting to learn. An infographic should be visually engaging and include a topic element and data that is interesting to your target audience. We all prefer graphical presentations to describe textual data because it will be more interesting when compared to other forms. The recent survey says that the 60% of the audiences respond quickly to graphical representations when compared to standard text-based information. The human brain can able to process those graphics and visual representations 70,000 times faster than the other forms of representations.

infographics in branding

Being a graphical representation, the embodiment of the brand’s logo is a great way to promoting and maintaining business position in the market. However, this requires proper placement of the logo within the acceptable confines of premium positioning in the infographic.

SEO and infographics works in hand-in-hand way. generally, infographics endure one of the most successful practices of link building possible now, especially from an SEO view.

Through infographics, we can generate the numerous number of backlinks when compared to the other available link building methods nowadays.


Advantages of Infographics

  • Easy to understand
  • Brand Awareness
  • It is attention-grabbing
  • Direct leads
  • Search Engine Rank
  • Become an Authority
  • More user engagement medium than text
  • Measurable Results
  • We can give backlinks
  • Can be easily retained in memory
  • More chance of going viral
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Helps to build your reputation
  • Reach targeted market
  • Visually attractive

Why Infographics is Essential for Branding


How should Infographics be?

  • Fresh – Infographics should be fresh (new), don’t use or moderate old ones.
  • Relevant – The information should be relevant to the topic.
  • Informative – It should be informative to others like including facts etc.
  • Unique – The infographics should be different from old ones, usually visitors don’t prefer the same type of infographics.

To make your infographic more interesting and interactive in manner, apply some animations and motion graphics into it. For this design, you can also use an HTML 5 animation tool known as Adobe Edge Animation tool, this tool allows you enlarge your custom infographic picture design with action and moment.