What is an Infographic?

You may know the definition of infographics. It is a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Types of Infographics

There are four different types of infographics. They get varied depending upon the purpose of the infographics.

  • Type 1: Declarative
  • Type 2: Conceptual
  • Type 3: Data Driven
  • Type 4: Exploratory

Ask yourself Before Start Creating an Infographics

We are mainly using the infographic to make a clear idea about the project, services or working depend upon the field we used to create the infographics. We should not simply create the infographic without any idea or purpose. If you visually made the content to display you clearly explain your idea, the process of your ideas or some information you want to share with your users. Before creating an infographic you need to have a clear idea about the purpose of creating infographics. Before creating infographics ask these questions to yourself.
1. Your idea of infographics is conceptual or data-driven
2. You declaring something or exploring something in an infographic.

Depend upon the answers for the above two question you may decide the final view of your infographics. Let us consider an example: If you declaring something in infographics you should mention the data or information about the projects, projects periods and ideas related to your project. Or if you exploring something you need to provide the information on the process and how they work in every step and much more.


When you use Infographics?

Usually, we used the infographics under these situations.

  1. For data illustrating
  2. Simplifying complex information
  3. Comparing things
  4. Raising awareness or Exploring something
  5. Working process or a strategy

Data Illustrating: Normally the survey can be done with hundreds or millions of people. If you submit the results in text concept, the people will not understand easily, and many of them will not show interest to read them even if it’s useful. But if we provide the survey result in visual representation, it is easy to understand and helps to reach millions of people.

Simplifying complex information: If you have got a mind-blowing idea which helps to make a great success but the process of the idea is a bit longer. You need to explain properly to reach the goal properly. For this you need a clear visual representation of the idea and its strategy helps to reach the goal rightly. If you have got a mind-blowing idea which helps to make a great success but the process of the idea is a bit longer. You need to explain properly to reach the goal properly. For this you need a clear visual representation of the idea and its strategy helps to reach the goal rightly.

Comparing things: If you have got confused to select the best product surely we will prefer the idea of comparison. So that we can compare specifications, positive and negative much more. The visual representation helps to resolve this kind of confusions.

Raising awareness or Exploring something: If you are interested in raising awareness of new things you can use the images with text but if you use visual representation like infographics people will show some interest when they have a clear view about the ideas.

Working process or strategy: Number of people following the same process but without proper alignment, you couldn’t obtain the results at right time or leads to some negative results. So If you explain the process with some visual representation surely it will reach all the people and convey the ideas correctly.

Infographics for Content Marketing

Infographics are one of the great tools for content marketing. If people visiting your website 10% of users will start reading the content but you are not sure that they will continue reading. They will prefer some images or visual representation for explaining your ideas.

Let us consider an example: If someone visits your website for website designing. In your webpage at first, you start explaining your ideas in web designing then you explain your strategy for developing a great website. If the will not aware of the technical terms surely they will leave your website. But at the same time if you explain your process in visual representation the user will understand your ideas clearly.

Once the user satisfied with your strategy or ideas surely will reach yours for the services. This is the role of infographics in content marketing. You can explain your complex projects in steps for better understanding to the user.

Reasons to use Infographics in Content Marketing


Through infographics, you can easily reach targeted audiences

By nature, humans are visual creatures if they are reading something they will imagine themselves about the content they read. So they will attract towards visual content. If you create infographics with well-written content then it will be a very powerful tool to reach your targeted audiences.

Infographics can make your content go viral

A research shows that the visual content can generate more than 90% views than the text content that doesn’t contain any images. The main characteristic of infographics is compelling the visual content so that it will attract many people and they will share with their related circle or communities.

It makes your content more understandable

Now the question arises, we can make the content is understandable through images also why we need to include the infographics in that. In an image, you can make the people understand the concept of a point under the concept, but through infographics, you can explain the entire content. So that people will attract towards your webpage.

Infographics give you a credit as an expert

When you work for infographics creation surely you will try to include some survey results and some comparison between the things, it makes that you will include more relevant information and research a lot to include the content the user needs.
If the user go through the visual content with detailed information surely they consider you as an expert in respective fields. Also, increase your creditability and reputation of your business and brand.

Infographics for Boost Ranking

Why Infographics Still Matters in SEO?

As we discussed earlier infographics are visual content which helps to represent your ideas or message in an effective manner. So when a user gets the right information with your visual content they will get back to you for more information.
Infographics are considered as one of the effective marketing tools because people will show more interest in visual content than the plain piece of content. So that the digital markets are considered infographics as an effective marketing tool for reach out to a large number of people.

When you engage with the visual content about your services or brand and provide valuable information in that, it helps to create brand awareness and also improve the effective communication. Infographics are not only improving your brand awareness also improves website traffic.

How to Create an Effective Infographic?

The first step before starting with infographics you should select the right topic. Choose the trending topic and imagine the style of an infographic. There are many online websites are available for creating infographics.

They provide some template where you can place your content and images. Also, they provide options for creating infographics with your own ideas and color combinations.

Once you decide the topic collect the research and statistics about the topics collect the information about the topic under different journal so that you can compare the options to select the best. Try to use catchy headlines or quotes related to your topic or use taglines for your selected topics.

Start to construct a narrative because it helps the user to get the connection between your data and information. The headline should create the great impact on the reader and it should give an answer for user questions.

Usually, the infographics are wide and much longer in length. You can add content in vertically than horizontally. Because the wide infographics have many problems to share, sometimes it will fix inside the mobile screen if the user sees your infographic if they not aware of the content present in wide space thought that you provide a low amount of information and also leave the website. It creates some negative impact on the users.

Now, the most important thing color and fonts out of the content and images we need to attract the users to see our visual content. For this we need the right choice of colors and font style, you may how the font style plays a role to attract the users? The answer is if you light font and right color where the font visualizes properly user feels free to read them easily. But if you use the font in the smaller size and more dark color the user will found some difficulty to read the content. Even if you provide valuable content due to this mismatch color and font surely you will lose your valuable new users to your website.

Share your infographics in directories, share it on social media channels so that user can get into that in details. Once they satisfied surely they will share your infographics into their circle, you will get more reach.

Optimize your Infographics for SEO

Optimize the file name and alt text for the infographics related to your keyword while sharing of embed in your website or blog. The meta description, you should not mention all the things in infographics you can summarize the topic within two or three lines.


Infographics are considered as part of SEO, but if we follow above steps to create visual content surely it will increase your sales leads, brand awareness, new followers to your website and makes popular in social media channels.