For a decade, Facebook and Twitter are the two mainstream platform which is considered for social media marketing. Over recent times there has been a perceptible change in the digital space. The performance and usage demographics are at stake when considered the big giants with the new platforms. So far, Facebook and Twitter are major fields for investing in paid advertising, where digital enthusiasts are having a tuff time in getting results through organic proceedings.

On considering the stats after September 2015, the number of users is exceeded in Instagram than on Twitter, where Facebook stands tall in the top of the list.

Instagram Marketing


Why Instagram Marketing is Awesome?

We have a stupendous belief that no one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to social media marketing. Though there are some thumb rules to check whether Instagram marketing suits your business. Before everything, let’s have a look around, how Instagram stands among the top social media platforms.


Future relies on mobile, so does Instagram:

For years, mobile and its user growth are immense in the list of marketing trends. Experts say, Mobile is the future market for all the business, but we’re already into future, where it takes over all the gadgets around the market. Social media accessing through mobile(51%) is more than the desktop(42%) to be considered after 2015.

It takes Instagram an advantage among its competitors in the name of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To make a point here, like the competitors, Instagram doesn’t have the user-friendly interface for desktop, where the mobile-friendliness through app has a great extent of impact among its users.


Post Engagement is High:

In Instagram, your posts are most likely to be seen by every user who follows your account. Facebook marketing and Twitter give users ability to prioritize the news feed, where that can’t be done on Instagram. Here, if a user doesn’t want to see your post, they have to unfollow you. So, there is a 100% chance that user who follows your account must see the post on their news feed.

Facebook have been spending a lot on advertising the posts through a business page, where Instagram doesn’t make any difference between a normal and business account.

Instagram Marketing


Instagram is structured for engagement:

Instagram’s perfect, streamlined interface, reasonable consolidation of advertisements, and concentrate on visual substance makes a private climate that is ideal for social sharing. So it’s not a big surprise, with regards to engagement, Instagram is the business pioneer. While the correct numbers can be difficult to measure, propose that Instagram clients are 58 times more prone to like, remark, or offer a brand’s post than Facebook clients and 120 times more feasible than Twitter clients. Those numbers are tremendous and they can have a similarly colossal effect on your business.


How to know that Instagram Account is a must for you?

For a quick stat, over 400 million users in Instagram, 90% of active user are below the age of 35. So,

  • Your target audience must be young.
  • Your product must be visually appealing.
  • Make Sure Your Competitors are into Instagram Marketing.

To add a bonus point, you can integrate Facebook business account with Instagram, since Facebook Bought Instagram in 2012.