Instagram is now more treading among the people. Business is going more viral using the Instagram post. Same as like Facebook, Instagram is also booming at the top. But, while comparing with Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have more advanced features. Now there is the best update, which would be helpful for business people and more Instagram users.

Instagram Post Schedule Update

Instagram has recently released a new update called post schedule. That is finally Instagram gives their users to schedule the post in advance. One can schedule their post in advance and carry on with other works, instead of waiting for right time to share your post. This saves lots of time. Check out the user engagement analytics on Instagram and schedule the post.

Some tools that utilize Instagram API graph also can use this feature. Many companies that utilize Instagram API Graph says, scheduling and publishing the post is number one request from their customers. Now, customers are very happy with this update. Also, tools utilizing API Graph allow various team members to manage large content across multiple Instagram account.

Those who want to schedule their Instagram post are now asked to deal with Marketing Partner of Facebook and Instagram. Scheduling post on an Instagram app is more convenient and user-friendly.

Instagram Post Schedule Update

The Instagram is providing this best update towards business. Inattention to post scheduling, the Instagram API Graph shows users which post they have been tagged. Other Business profiles also viewed using tools with API Graph.

In order to use these features, one using Old Instagram need to migrate to new Instagram API Graph.