Instagram is the recent sensational platform, which started grow wider among the celebrities and common people! Instagrammers have the hobby of posting their daily activity as stories. More than posting in newsfeeds, people love to showcase through stories to avoid stuffing in their pictures in the timeline. Here, there is a small catch that, you have third-party apps to save others photos from the timeline (Instagram don’t have the direct option), whereas you can only take screenshot/screen record from the stories.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is working on a new update, where you will be caught by the profile owner, from which you take a screenshot/screen record.

Though you’ll be warned for the first time when you take a screenshot to show such feature exists on the Instagram update. For the second time, the user will be notified of stories options, to know who had taken the screenshot or do a screen recording of your story without your knowledge. The users won’t have any freedom of taking a screenshot of someone and being anonymous all the time.

It may look secure for someone, for others, it will look restricted to use Instagram. This the reason why Instagram still keeps this update as a limited edition for testing purpose.

Instagram Stories

These features only applicable to Instagram stories, you can still stay anonymous by taking screenshots of regular timeline posts.