Instagram has been used by more than 300 million users. User engagement on Instagram is becoming more viral, and there are lots of updates on Instagram stories. All the updates on Instagram are to give a friendly and cost-effective environment to both users and businesses. As Instagram is working on more updates on Stories, now there is a new feature update called text-only stories.

Instagram Release Text Based Stories

Earlier, Users only post their photos or videos by adding few captions in Instagram stories. Also, there is only option to add photos or videos. Now, users can publish stories without adding any photos or videos. Here the Instagram Text-based type mode allows users to choose a variety of text type and backgrounds.


How to access?

  1. Click on the Camera present at the top of the Instagram App.
  2. On the camera mode, under the record button, there are more options such as Live, Normal, Type, Boomerang, Superzoom, rewind and handsfree. To use type mode select Type option.
  3. Once type mode is selected, users can write their text.

Instagram Release Text Based Story


How to Select the Style Type in Text Mode?

  1. After choosing your type mode option, at the top of the screen different text styles available.
  2. Text styles include Typewriter, Strong, Modern, Neon. By tapping on the style button, one can choose the text style.
  3. Once the text is ready, near the publish button, there is background colour change option, one can choose the background colour and you can also schedule the post.

Once all these processes are done, you are now ready to post your story. Also, this new text styles can be practised when text is added to publishing photos or videos. To use this update, one has to update the recent version of Instagram from their device app store.