To rank your website, it needs interlinking. Search Engine finds your website post or page if it is been referred from other sites. Those links were called backlinks. Though you get good quality of backlinks to your website content, Internal links (links from one page of your website to the other page of the same domain. Link being established within the website) tells search engine about the hierarchy of your website. Right interlinking strategies can boost your ranking in search engines.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo uses links to find out the content in your website and evaluates the value of the content.

How Interlinking helps in Ranking

Google identifies your website by following the links using Google bot. Bot first identifies your website and follow the link from the home page and identifies the other pages. This is why home page link has more value than the links in other pages. In this way, search engines follow the links in other pages and post and identifies the entire website.

Sidebar in the other pages would be the best idea to make Search Engine to index all the pages in the website. In the sidebar you Blog Categories and Blog Tags which makes search engine crawler to understand the other related pages which is related to the blog post or website pages.

Crawler will not try to perform search to find content and because of this it will eliminate lot of pages. In these situations, links between the pages in the website will help you avoid from those situations. If you have any website page which no need to indexed or crawled by Google, restrict the search engine crawler by accessing the page with the help of Meta Robot Tag and robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file which instruct the Google on how to crawl the website. Basic Format of robots.txt is user-agent and Disallow.



How Interlinking helps in Rankings

User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /sub-page/link1.html

This tells Google Crawler not to crawl the specific page whose URL is “”.

Linking to the related post helps Search engine to understand the site. There are many plugins which will is really helpful in interlinking. Yoast Plugin helps to improve the internal linking structure with the suggestion tools. When you have decided the anchor test it will suggest the post that are more similar to the anchor text. In this Plugin you can also make on article as a cornerstone article, so you will not forget to link them.

Create internal links between the most popular post and newest post article this way you are passing the popular article link juice to the newest post article which has higher chances of getting ranked easily. You can place the link in the sidebar and footer of the website to show it on the all pages and posts of the website. Also, this will be the easier for website visitors to access the page, which has its positive impact on increasing the traffic of the webpage and more traffic is always on positive sign to all search engine.

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