Why Interlinking?

The main goal of the interlinking is the search engine can easily crawl the site or blog and index the pages or post. The right structure page gets easily indexed, means it matches with search queries.

Why Interlinking in Important for Blog Post


Interlinking in SEO

The proper interlinking helps to increase the page rank so that the pages or blog post get indexed easily in search engine. The reader can easily navigate through interlinking so that the page view and user engagement also get increased. If you provide unique content surely the reader can return to your blog without any second thought.


Some Tips to do Interlinking

  1. Use relevant keyword or anchor text for interlinking
  2. Don’t interlink every other post to recent so that reader may feel complex.
  3. Do natural linking so that user may feel free to navigate and read the blog post without any other thoughts.
  4. Use proper anchor text or relavant keywords to link the articles.
  5. Don’t dumb the interlink it leads to some negative results


Effective Interlinking

There are some ways to do effective interlinking. Here I given some preferred ways are Breadcrumbs and Natural Linking. There are many plugins are available for breadcrumbs, it helps the user to get the proper structure of page navigation so that they feel free to navigate to various pages or post.

Natural Linking, as we already discussed interlinking by using anchor text or relevant keywords.

Why Interlinking in Important for Blog Post


Advantages of Interlinking

  1. Search engine can easily crawl the page or post
  2. Increase the page visitors
  3. Helps in On page SEO
  4. Helps to rank the targeted keyword in search engine
  5. Page get indexed for the targeted keyword



There are many ways to increase the page rank, interlinking also plays a role in search engine ranking. There are many plugins are also available for interlinking. But the effective linking is highly preferable to obtain positive results.