Which of these links are highly valuable? Do you think the one in navigation ranks higher than the one in content? So, a link in an image is worthier than in text format? The results so far say, all the links are not equally prioritized, where the one you think as low is not as it eventually is. Get into the following to make your link building structure a stronger one. 

 Interlinking matters

Do Linking is that important than others in On Page SEO Checklist? 

Ok! Let’s get to know such things first up, 

 1. Links to content more matters?  

To speak widely, links in content do matters more than the one in navigation. Does it surprise you? I don’t think so!  

Let me make it clear, a link to navigation is universal, which means the topic is wide open. Whereas in content, it will be more peculiar to an extent, which is given to add some value to the content of viewers point. 


2. Are you discouraging the links in the footer? 

To make it straightforward, Yeah! you will be discouraged for providing links in footer since it’s just about indexing and carries no value to it while doing so! 


3. Highly used links will have more value? 

It simply does in opposite unlike the links in footer. You have to make use of the links which are old and mostly utilized on our website for a long time now.  

It carries more value while indexing your website or the particular page.  

Meanwhile, your links have to appeal the visitors for navigating through it. Instead of links in the anchor text where text size is small doesn’t have an advantage over the links which are more visible to the user. 

 content interlinking

4. Are you linking to the same URL often on your website? 

If you have two different anchor text, one at the top and the other at the bottom, where both are pointing to same URL. Google will index through both the anchor text, even for more on same URL. 

But, the value differs. 

Google will only inherit the value of the anchor text at the top instead of one at the bottom. 

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