Serpstat is a platform which offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services like keyword analysis and research, Website analysis, backlink analysis, Rank Tracker, Site Audit and many more tools are available. It was first introduced in the year 2003 in the name of prodvigator. Its database is in 17 geo regions of Google like USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany etc. SERPSTAT helps to build your business website more SEO friendly. So Let us see how to analyze keywords in Serpstat in this article.
The very first step is to add your website in serpstat by clicking “Add new project” button in the right top corner of your dashboard. If you already added your website means you can directly analyze your keywords.
Serpstat dashboard
Initially click on the overview option under the keyword research, you can find the keyword research option on left side of your dashboard as shown in the above picture. In the keyword research overview you can choose keywords or root domain or URL or URL prefix or if you want to analyze all with your sub domain means you can select “with subdomains” option in the drop-down menu.

Organic Keywords

The organic keyword list displays a total number of keywords in your website. It also shows the number of new and lost keywords for past days. With this reference, you can get the idea about how to target and which keyword you have to target more.

Organic Keywords
Ad Keywords

If you are created Google Ads for particular keywords, it will also list in this section. So you can see all these things on the single platform.

Keyword Position Distribution

The Keyword Position distribution section consists of a bar chart. It shows how the keywords are ranking in the cart format from 1 to 100 positions in your website. The x-axis is for rank, and the y-axis represents a number of keywords.
Keyword Position
In the above image, you can see the graph for keyword ranking in your website. It is clearly showing that how many keywords are ranking. From this graph, you can get an idea of how your website is ranking in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

Sub Domains

If your website has subdomains, all the domains are listed in this section with a number of Keywords. It also represents the number of keywords in the bar graph format, so that you can easily understand about the subdomains and keywords.

Keywords Trend for Year:

The next section is the Keywords trend for year section. This is the graph is the show for your keyword trend among people for one year. It also shows on which date there is a maximum number of reach and the minimum number of the trend among the people in your targeted location. Also, you can able to view according to month wise.

Pages with High Visibility

In this section, you will see your domain pages that drive the most significant amount of the traffic from the organic search results through search engines along with the number of keywords in the page in the search engines top 50 search results. The search result including all of your subdomains.


SERPSTAT has many benefits of Keywords research along with various advanced features with helps the business people to reach their top results in the search engine and helps to enhance their business. After the various updates, the SERPSTAT is considered as one of the best tools for SEO research and Keyword Analysis. You can prepare the list of keywords which is related to your business. So it will be beneficial when you work for a keyword to rank in search engine. By following the analytics results of SERPSTAT surely you will get better results in google search engine.