For most of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just submitting the links to search engine directory, creating backlinks and having a sitemap. We never tend to go beyond this because we never have any idea about it. But now more new techniques have been identified to rank a website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Now let us discuss about the latest SEO strategies for on page and off page optimization.

Latest SEO Practice for On-Page and Off-Page Optimization


Difference Between On Page and Off Page Optimization.

On – page optimization takes place during the development of the website that is concerned with the pages of the website. Off the page optimization which takes place after the development of the website that is concerned with external linkages. But, the objective remains the same for both the practices, to gain higher ranks in the Search Engine Results (SERPs).


Upcoming On-Page Practices:


1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Most of the online traffic comes from mobile devices, So Google has incorporated the valuation of AMP feature in SERPs. AMP is an open source which enables fast rendering and loading of content on mobile devices. Google AMP is becoming popular as more than 80% of global online audience accesses the internet through mobile devices i.e. smartphones, iPads, tablets etc. and so the SEO experts need to keep an eye on the AMP test results for the pages of the sites they look after.


2. Updated Content:

Always place fresh and newly updated content on your website.


3. Quick Page Loading:

This can be achieved by enabling compression, minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, reducing redirects and optimizing images. Page Speed Test is the best tool for an expert to keep on checking.


4. Rich Answer Optimization:

Google has made its intention of giving value to rich answers because they deliver the most relevant information to the search query without requiring it to click on the website URL, SEO experts must optimize the website content for rich answers of relevant search queries.


Off-Page Practices:

Latest SEO Practice for On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

1. Content Marketing:

After having produced high-quality content on your sites, one needs to market the content on the platform which has high-traffic in the web such as Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, besides Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It is one of the most significant and effective SEO practices and it would engage a lot of people with your site and take you up in SERPs.


2. Quality Backlinks:

An SEO expert need to bring more links to your domain but it must also from trustworthy and authoritative websites links.


3. Security:

Websites that use https over HTTP will have an added advantage in SERPs, as it will keep the information safe from hackers. Search Engine prefers secure website so it will be the one of ranking factor.


4. Product Review and Client Testimonial:

It reaches out to unique reviews about products and services, as a measure of a good brand and hence it pull-ups the ranking in SERP.

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