We all know aware of mobile first indexing concept. Google may announce it at any tune probably early stage of this year 2018. May people have lot of doubts on mobile first indexing. The point to be cleared here is Mobile FirstIndexing means desktop content will not rank. It is very clearly said as “Mobile First Indexing” which means mobile content and designing is looked first.

mobile indexing

Why Google has moved to Mobile First Indexing?

Around 60% of Google searches is held from mobile devices,so as a result Google has made a strong decision to give more prioritization for mobile searches.Google has just changed its priority from desktop user experience to Mobile User Experience as number of searches in mobile devices where high.

Don’t Worry. If don’t have mobile website.

Even if you don’t have the mobile site, Google crawler will crawl your desktop version of the website and it will continue the indexing in your desktop.

Mobile Version and desktop website compatibility:

If you have mobile site then you need to make sure content and links in mobile version of your website is similar enough with your desktop version of the website. If your mobile site has less content compared to desktop content then it is time to start working on the mobile site. The best way to resolve this problem is creating a responsive website. In you have built a responsive website, the website content is same irrespective of device in which you see your website.


Expandable Contents:

In some pages of the website we might have the expandable contents or content hidden in accordions, tab etc., These expandable contents have no full weightage in desktop version of your website. but in mobile sites these expandable contents will be given high weightage if it is being designed to give better user experience. The key is expandable contents make more sense in mobile than desktop.


Will it change the present Google Ranking?

This approach will not change the overall rankings but will have minimal effect in ranking. Only it is launched we can get complete idea of the impact of mobile first indexing in ranking.


How to test my website mobile friendliness:

Test your websites mobile friendliness score here. Just give your webpage URL Google Search Engine will fetch the page and give the result. Even if there are any page loading issues it will be displayed along with the test result, fix those page loading issues and give user a better experience.

mobile index page

How to optimize the website for mobile-first indexing?

1.Speed up the loading time of your website:

Make sure your website loads in few seconds in the mobile devices. Recommended ways to speed up your website were

  • Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Web Apps – feels like app on the device. (UX Designing)
  • Responsive designing

2.How to manage contents in the mobile site?

  • Use Accordions, tab and other expandable or content hidden module sessions to give user better experience and have its advantage in Mobile SEO.
  • Never use software like Flash which are not common in mobile devices and software which are not supported in the mobile device.

Hope this article clears some of your basic doubts about the Google Mobile First Indexing. Make sure you are ready for mobile first indexing which will have its impact in ranking of the website. Get your position high with the launch of mobile first indexing.