A website is essential for all kind of business to target the customers to it. As technology developing day by day, the human need will also increasing. Nowadays it is very rare to find a human without using mobiles, internet, and other gadgets. Those gadgets will become an essential need to us in day to day normal life. Smartphones make us a smart people. So lets us see how mobile responsive web design will affect your traffic. 

mobile design

Mobile Responsive web design will increase your traffic, because most of the people will see your website through mobile and tablet devices, expect some of the professional business people will check your website both in desktop and mobile view. So the design of the website should be looking good in mobile and tablet view. The functionality and animations should be same as in desktop view so that the customers will stay a long time on your website, thus it will decrease your bounce rate. If the bounce rate is decreased similarly the ranking of the website will also improve, because the bounce rate is indirectly proportional to the website rank 

If your website is neat and elegant, the customers will show interest to visit your website often and thus will increase your traffic to the website. This will also get you a more and more business leads to improve your business. 

responsive design traffic

Not only customers, Google will also consider your mobile responsive design for mobile indexing and ranking purpose. In 2015, Google released the biggest update, in that they mentioned these things are important for website ranking. This will become the major changes in the market. Because many of the business firms and industries build their website for the desktop users only. Google and other search engines very strongly encourage the mobile responsive designs. Are You in Need of SEO Services for your business? INFOZUB is the leading Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore to show the best online presence for your business. 

Although mobile responsive UX design is now very valuable to visitors, still a lot of companies are lagging for mobile design. Google will not be trying to pick anybody by surprise. They sent out notification and advice in Webmaster Tools to sites that would be affected and there are tools are there to test the screen sizes of website design. So if your site has mobile UX design, then don’t worry you are going to be rock.