Now, Smartphone is a mandatory part of life for most of the people. People where like, they can’t live without the smartphone. “I won’t use smartphone much anymore” will be most people’s New Year resolution. Meanwhile, it would be most easily broken resolution for them.

Considering the revolution of SEO, these broken resolutions are the main reason. Mobile device assists to reach many customers and satisfy their needs in an easy way. We show you the perfect way to give a perfect user experience through mobile.


Mobile Vs Desktop SEO:

Though many suggest mobile SEO doesn’t make any difference from desktop SEO. The motive for both will be same, which is to deliver the content and convert them into customers. At some point, desktop SEO strategies will also work for Mobile SEO as well. In desktop SEO, we will target generic audience, whereas in Mobile SEO it will be local audience-centric.


Google’s Mobile First Index:

The statement of mobile SEO made even clearer in Google’s recent announcement on Mobile First Index. What is mobile first index and what does it actually mean?

Mobile SEO and Google's Mobile First Index

For the very first time, Google will consider website’s ranks based on the mobile version instead of desktop version, it shows the priority for considering the Mobile SEO. Google introduced new bot for specifically crawl and validate the mobile version of a website, which includes primary factors as performance, user experience, and quality of content.


What to do for Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO is a regular and proper SEO as we always do, but the concern on mobile website’s great content, stellar performance, and impeccable UI/UX has be high.


Mobile SEO Tools:

As an SEO Expert, you must know how to work on Google’s Search Console and get used to it as a friend. In Search Console, you should have come across a terminology as Mobile Usability tool. This tool makes life bit more easier to check your site and represent it as post and pages that don’t fall under Google’s Mobile friendly rules. It would be an excellent way to improve your mobile SEO.

There is just another tool named page speed insights. It will exactly show how well your website performs in Mobile version. To make you lazier, they even provide what are the bugs to be fixed for improving the performance and ends up as a mobile-friendly website.


What you do wrong?

Do you think that there is no website with the score of 0/100? I can show you one!

mobile seo

                         (The Domain and UI are hidden because we don’t want to spoil their reputation)


Don’t spoil yours! These things happen when you had a bad hosting provider, where WordPress installed in a dubious shared hosting with the activation of many unwanted third-party plugins and number of unoptimized images in your pages/blog posts. That’s it, you will end up with a bad score.

If a cup of coffee can gain your concentration, just do that and fix these easily undone things.


Things to speed up your website?

  • Use minimum and optimized images
  • Expend in quality hosting service
  • Update PHP
  • Redirects should be fixed.
  • Work on Render blocking contents above the fold
  • Minify and optimize CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Caching
  • Utilization of CDN