Are you planning to take your business to the international market? to be successful in the foreigner’s new market you need to put extra effort in the SEO though. Your website should be customized in for foreign viewers or visitors too, for this to possible you have to start with the multilingual SEO. Multilingual SEO will offer optimized website for multiple languages and multiple location.  


There are countries where you have to translate your website content to their native language to increase the sales. Your example, let us consider you have a store which is running successfully in your country and you are planning to enter into Germany market, to be successful there you have create a German version of the website. And now you have to direct the searches in the German language to the German site. More importantly you need right website to be ranked in the right market and for the right search languages this is because you many have French speakers in the Germany who do search in French language in those case you need French version of your website to be ranked not the German site simply because for the search location(Germany). 

In multilingual SEO you can either target countries or language. General recommendation is targeting countries, because in Germany – number of German people will be more than the foreigners.  Local hosting for the geographical location of the countries will help you better in Google Ranking. Language is crucial for the success in the international market, simply don’t just translate your website content from one language to other. Start working from the phrases, grammar, search queries, local word phrases to have positive impact in Search Engine.  


Customize the content for each country to make it more relevant. Different countries can have different designing esthetics which you have to review with your local web designers in the target counties. Though these were some of the on-page SEO techniques, to improve ranking you have to focus on the off-page too because search engines are looking for the signals or reviews for the website. And you should have different off-page SEO plan for each country where you need to market to be successful there.