Website is the base for every online business. It acts as an interface between the user and information over Online. The information may be in any form, it may be text information, audio files, video files, images or any documents. Instead of developing a site with custom codes, it is recommended to use the CMS which will perform properly based on the standard codes.  

Among them, WordPress CMS is the famous and most used content management system. It is because of its flexibility and user friendly interface. It makes the development works so easy by providing some customizable plugins and structured themes. 

Must Needed WordPress Plugins 

Yoast SEO 

It is the powerful WordPress plugin which helps to optimize your website based on various search algorithms with which you can rank in top search results. It will show you the factors to be optimized for better performance 

wordpress plugins

It is available as a freeware and to utilize the entire options you must check for premium options as well. For basic optimization, it is recommended to use the Yoast SEO Free plugin. 


It is the free WordPress Security Plugin used to safeguard your website from harmful malware attack. Security is the must and most important one for a website over online. There are more possibilities to get malware attacks over online. Some common attacks to slow down or to crash the server will be done through Brute Force Attacks.  

wp plugins

Wordfence Security will scan the entire website periodically and will check the plugins, themes and files, also if there is any possible way of attacks, and then it will show the notification. Most of the attacks were happening only due to improper updates of the plugins and theme files. As it is free version, configure the plugin properly to safeguard your website from the attackers. 

W3 Total Cache  

Page Speed is one of the important factors to be considered by every web developers and web administrators. W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugin to integrate cache and to speed up the website. Page Speed is not only important for SEO but also for the customers who enter into your site.  

w3 cache plugin

As people won’t like to stay long time, it is important to load our website in seconds. User will be feeling comfortable only if your website loads faster than others. Implementing cache and reducing the unwanted files will make the website to load faster.  

 Stream (Optional) 

If a website is managed by more than one member, then you will face lot of confusions in the work. If the work is happened perfectly, then everything is good but if anything went bad or wrong there the issue will be. So Stream is the powerful WordPress plugin which helps to monitor the site, for example: Log-in and Log-out time of a user, updates made by the user, etc.  

plugin stream

The activities done by the individual will be clearly recorded so that it helps us to understand where the things went wrong. It will avoid lots of confusion as well.