For any SEO Professionals, the aim is to customize the website to the most so that the website is SEO friendly to the Search Engine as well as the website visitors. Factors in which we need to customize the trick in which SEO professionals play with. Google has more than 200 ranking factors to get the website top in the search engine result page. Do we really need to customize on all the 200 factors to rank in search engine? Well, you don’t want to. All the 200 ranking factors are not considered equally priority of each ranking factor contributing to indexing varies. So, here we are going to see about some the ranking factors which must be customized to rank better.

Must Optimize Factors of SEO



Content will be the king of SEO always. Content is one of the important ranking factor for year but now or in recent days, we not just only focus in content we should slightly sight the focus on keywords relevant content and we should follow the rule of keyword density, keyword proximity and prominence too to get our website to top in first page of search engine result page. Content Optimization has its influence in varies ranking factor of search engine like bounce rate and click through rate. As some ranking factors are interconnected with each other just by optimizing the content you can have the positive influence on the bounce rate and other ranking factor too.



More links from other site, still results higher. Not all the backlinks will get the expected results, only if you get the link from high authority domains and from variety of relevant websites or content it has the good impact on ranking. When your content earns a lot of high-quality backlinks, you achieve three important ranking factors: Link Authority, Link diversity and obviously number of backlinks. How to get backlinks? will be your next question. There are different ways of link building but basic in all the approaches is creating a rich and high-quality content and promote.


Mobile-First User Experience:

In 2016, google has shifted its ranking factor into “Mobile First Indexing” as most of the searches were made from the mobile devices. This means Google will first crawl the mobile version of the website and then the desktop version which not the same before. Google aims to give better mobile user search experience so design the website by think on this factor don’t just built a mobile friendly website. It is the right time to improve or concentrate on mobile version of the website.


Other Factors:

Must Optimize Factors of SEO

Image Optimization:

It is not only text important in website, images optimization too. Images too give information through alt text to the search engines, caption and description.



All the optimization works carried should be completely based on the keyword for which you need to rank. It is always better to have Keywords in Title, Description, Heading (H1) Tag, Anchor Text, Alt Text of Images.


URL Structure:

URL gives the strong signal on what the page is related to, to the search engine. Make sure to select the right category and easily understandable URL to the webpages.