Google has introduced banned people from posting negative reviews of their former employers on its business tool.

Google My Business is the tool behind the rating that appears on-screen when you search some products to buy or purchase in online, such as watch or jewelry items, using the search engines or Google Maps.

google reviews

Now Google has decided to prevent “who can post reviews for a Company or a Business” to make them more accurate.

Particular person may leave office or organization due to their personal issues, and then there may be a chance of posting negative review to destroy their business. So this will fake the products due to this unethical activities, people may lose the trust on the Tool.

Previously, anyone can post reviews for their organization or business. For example, former employees of the particular organization were free to post any kind of review of places they used to work at. Google said that it considers this practice to be a “conflict of interest”.

google reviews

Experts identified that posting negative reviews about former employers has the potential to damage an organization’s reputation in the eyes of a new customer for the company and those negative reviews from Google were difficult to remove.

But now it is possible for the particular organization who can directly contact Google to remove any negative reviews of their former employee, which in turn will improve the ratings of that business helping the customer to get unbiased information.