In Past August Google released beta version of new search console to limited number of user. In January,2018 Google releases this beta version of the search console to all search console users. Since google is not yet done with this beta version of search console, both the versions are live side by side.


How to Use the Beta Version of Search Console?

Since now the beta version of search console is available to search console or webmaster users, you can see “Try the new search console” at the top left of your Google Search Console.

New Search Console - beta version

With this new beta version of the search console you can compare and analyze the search console reports over 3 months to 16 months (Full Duration). The home page of new search console shows a graph of your website performance in clicks with key metrics such as index coverage and enhancements Below is the screenshot of data filters which is currently available in this beta version. Since Google is in process of adding features to this new search console the data filters range may expected to change in future. Now the we can include reports from the last seven days, last 2 days, last three months, last six months, last 12 months, Full duration (16 months) and the custom options to set the date range with compare options of the above said date filter options too.

beta version

Search Enhancement is the aim of new search console. In addition to the existing features Google has planned to release additional two features.

  • Faster Feedback in fixing issues. Once you click on validate fix button, you will get the instant results and you will get immediate notification is your pages don’t pass the test.
  • Positive Feedback during the process of fixing by expanding the validation log.

New Search Console – Beta Version