SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the way of optimizing the web page based on particular keyword to rank our site in top results of SERP. Search Engine Optimization is mainly classified into two types as On-Page Optimization(during development of website) and Off-Page Optimization (after the development of website). 

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What is Off-Page Optimization? 

 Off-page SEO refers to techniques that help you to improve the position of a site in the search engine results page (SERPs).  

 Off-page optimization refers to all the measures which take place after the development of the website in order to improve its position in search rankings. This technique mainly helps you to create high-quality backlinks. 

Off-Page Optimization Importance: 

Proper On-Page optimization is enough to rank our website in top search results. No. Off page SEO gives a very good indication of how the customer or user are aware about the particular website. Off-page optimization will help you to increase the external links to your site through different off-page factors. It also helps in driving traffic to your website along with which the domain authority and PageRank will also get increased. 

 Benefits of Off-Site SEO: 

  • Increase in Ranking 
  • Increase in Page Rank 
  • Increase your Website Exposure 


Off-Page Optimization Factors: 

 Link Building: 

 It is one of the most important factors in Off-Page SEO, which helps you to rank the website at top of SERP(Search Engine Result Page). There are various types of Link Building 

 Internal Linking – providing one or more links to another web page within our website. 

External Linking – providing one or more links to another web page which belongs to the different website. 

 Links, it is classified into two types such as No-Follow links and Do-Follow links.  

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Do-Follow Link 

It is a link where there will not be any attribute mentioned like “rel = ” in its html tag. By default, all the hyperlinks will be considered as the do-follow links. Search Engine Bots and human can follow those Do-Follow links. 

Example : <a href=””>INFOZUB</a>. 

No-Follow Link 

 No-Follow Link is also a link but it contains a attribute “rel”. Human can follow this No-follow links but Search Engine Bots cannot follow this No-follow Links. But still no- follow links plays a vital role to increase the page rank of the webpage. 

Example:<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Infozub</a> 

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