What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All Search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. having a primary search result. Whenever the user searches for a term, it shows a list of websites and other resources such as images, videos and documents relevant to the keyword searched. The listing process is based upon the ranking. In simple words, SEO is a process of making your website on top of the results. If your site is on top search results, automatically you will get the number of visitors, and it helps to enhance your business. SEO is used to optimize your website to make it as user-friendly and to improve your ranking in search results. It is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic organically. Based upon the query of a searcher, pages are displayed in SERP. SERP consists typically of title and meta description of the particular page.

Google SERP Results Types

We can divide Search Engine Results into five types, They are

We can divide them into Organic Search Results and Paid Search Results. Every search engines had a specific algorithm to categories and to rank the website. If your website follows the algorithm rules, definitely it will move to the top of the results.
Off Page SEO

Types of SEO

SEO is classified into two broad categories. White hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is recommended to rank your website, it is a favourite technique, and it does not violate search engine guidelines at any time. But black hat SEO breaks some instructions, so it is not recommended to improve your site ranking. Usually consists of full of spam links, keyword stuffing, hidden links and texts etc. The black hat SEO may help to increase your site ranking in the short time, but it will not long last in SERP. Once Google finds that you are using this black hat technique, automatically your site will be degraded and may have a chance to get spam or blocked. So Always using white hat SEO is a recommended and reliable technique. It gives you a steady and long lasting rank.
Again we can divide White hat SEO into two categories; they are On Page and OFF Page SEO.

On Page SEO

This is a technique to improve your ranking by optimising your all individual pages in your website to rank your site to get more traffic and conversions. It includes all measures that can be taken directly into your website or both in content and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). For example, giving correct page title, description, alt tags, relevant images, tags etc. Internal Linking also comes under the category of On-Page Optimization.
Quick View of On-Page Ranking Factors:
• Page content quality
Title tag & Meta description
• URL Structure
• Image Alt Text & Optimization
• Page Category/ Sub Category
Internal Links
• Meta Tags
• Body Tags
• Keyword Density
• Keyword Prominence
• Content Updates

OFF Page Optimization

OFF Page Optimization is a process of all things done outside of your website to improve your site ranking in search results. It mainly consists of link building activities. The links should be the high-quality backlink from the trusted source. You can create as many numbers of possible backlinks to improve your rank in SE.
Links are important for Search Engines like Google. So the links should be relevant to your niche, fresh, useful.
OFF Page SEO is a combination of Link Building Activities, Social Media Marketing and Social Bookmarking.
Off-Page SEO

Why OFF Page SEO?

To rank, your website in the search engine, On-page SEO alone will not go to help you all time. You need to do OFF page along with ON Page SEO. Because Google will consider this as a recommendation and choices from people. So automatically Google will also understand that your website has good and useful contents and that’s why people are sharing this on social media and other sites.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking technique is one of the best methods to promote your website. Whenever you bookmarked your website page or post on the top PR social bookmarking website, there is a chance to get high traffic to the targeted particular page. Social bookmarking is a user-defined taxonomy system for the bookmark. It is a most straightforward way to store, organize, manage and search the bookmarked website pages. Unlike storing bookmarks in a folder on your computer, tagged pages are stored on the Web and can be accessed from any computer. If you bookmarked your page into the popular bookmarking site, it is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of the search engine like Google and Yahoo. You can add, edit at any time and how many times you want. Generally, we all know that the quality backlinks are the essential factor to make your website on top of the search engine results and to increase the page traffic. That’s why professional SEO experts still follow this method to boost the ranking.
It is merely tagging the particular page of a website with a web-based tool so that you or others can easily access and find the link at any time and anywhere through the internet. And you can share the bookmarked content with your friends, or you can suggest for anyone. Nowadays most of the social bookmarking sites allow a user to search for a particular topic based upon the keywords and it lists the sites based upon the recently added, popular among people, most visited by people. It also categorizes the links like Shopping, Blogging, Latest news, technology, sports, gadgets and entertainment etc. You can also search for the particular topic you want to know; these social bookmarking sites are acting as a search engine for inside the specific bookmarking sites.

Pros of Social Bookmarking


  • Helps to Increase your website traffic
  • Build your brand
  • Improve SERP
  • Bring Visitors
  • Helps to go viral
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Increase website credibility
  • Gain followers
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Brings extra user engagements
  • Index faster
  • Helps to improve your domain authority and page authority


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another technique to target in all social networks and applications to reach out the brand/ product awareness or a particular topic on the internet. This is also a process of sharing the links in popular social media platforms to improve the search results to bring visitors to your website. This will also help to get the direct feedback from your customer. For Example, if you are running a website designing company and in your social media page like in Facebook, positive customer feedback will brings you more customers. This will helps to get more conversions.
SMM is a more targeted type of advertising and effective method to create a brand or product or service awareness among the people. Its presence is essential for any customer based firms to gain the impression amount and people. It will also be useful for SEO part that the more clicks will effectively increase your ranking in your search engine. It also takes the number of traffic from the social media platforms to determine your site ranking.
Social Media Marketing - Off Page
Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo


Importance of Social Networks

Strong and active profile helps to boost your ranking. So share your website pages in strong social media platforms. You can create a new Facebook page and twitter profile respective to your brand or services. Include your website link in all social profile details in about section, it will help your to increase the ranking. Regularly share your contents.
Add your website in google webmaster tool and submit your site url in it. If you want your website page or particular article to index quicly, then you can use webmaster tools. In that go to tools-> crawls -> Fetch as Google and place respective URL to fetch.

Link Building in OFF Page SEO


Guest Blogging

It is a practise of posting your article in third party website or a blog to build a links, exposure, authority and relationships. You can also link to your social media profile for a popularity. The links will act as a referral traffic. If your link and article and the website you are posting is good, your ranking will improve in search engines.
Note: The website your are going to publish your article should be relevant to your website niche. And also check the page and domain authority of that website.

Press Release

It is a written or a recorded communication in news media to purpose of announcing your brand or service in something newsworthy. Provides SEO means that they make sure that the backlinks are going back to your website press release were optimized for keywords.

Forum Post

There are many websites are available in the internet consist forum. It is a discussion or message board websites. You can post a thread or reply any other threads which is posted earlier in order to get back a quality inbound backlink to your website.


All the OFF Page SEO techniques consists of building the links outside of your website. Also this OFF page techniques helps to enhance your brand/product/ service awareness to the people and to boost your ranking in Search Engines.