Online Marketing is getting its hype now a days with the popularity of Internet and Web Technology. Most of the time people surf over the internet to get some basic idea before actually owning it. A study says more than 65% of people check for the product on internet even before asking review from friends and others. In the Digital Era, internet has become the reliable source to get information about the product. Your business size not matters when it comes to online marketing, even small-scale business owners can reap the benefits of online marketing. Once you get your business to online with website or any other form, it has tremendous positive effects on your business and its growth. Now, let us easy what are the source to people to find your business online

  1. Your Website comes up in Search Engine Result Page (SERP )
  2. They already know your website and go look for it
  3. Your Website is mentioned or recommended by others
  4. By Displaying ads in Facebook or in Google

When it comes to Online Marketing either SEO, SMO and Ads are generally used by improve the branding and awareness. Before going for online marketing, you must need a well developed website. Having an website is an basic necessity to grow your business with a website. Once if you have business and don’t have a website you are losing great opportunity for your business. With website you can accomplish different marketing strategies. The website has wider reach than advertisement in traditional mediums like newspaper and many which is often limited by language and region. Though it takes lot of time to built enough time for your website it is worth to have impact on your business growth. Your website will be the center for your online presence through your website you can make people know on the services and product what you are offering. You advertise your website on varies social medias, forums and also through Pay Per Click advertising.
Content Marketing and Its Types
Increasing visibility is major factor that makes your website to entertain the people with the information what they are looking for. Even if people have heard about your company, they may check your company/ do some research on what you do with your website at their own comfort without leaving home. Website should have all the basic information about your business and contact details like Phone Number, Mail Id, Opening Hours, Working Days, Map Direction to reach your company to ease the visitor if they want to get in touch with your business. Having a website will increase the credibility of your business. One of the greatest things in online is your company size really doesn’t matter. Even for small business having business and website will have impact as that of multinational companies.
Websites are always accessible all through the year and hours of the day 24*7. By this way your potential customer can visit your site for information whenever it is convenient for them irrespective of working hours of your company. Once you have a website you are already to accomplish different marketing strategies to increase your website traffic and visitors.
Whatever the activities you take with your website to increase traffic or build brand is part of Digital or Online Marketing. Digital Marketing is taking over the traditional marketing as internet helps to interact about your product or service with the targeted audience in real time.
Another mail reason is Digital Marketing is affordable. Digital Marketing is more affordable even an Email campaign will send your business to the wider audience. Many businesses have started to enjoy the benefit of Digital Marketing and many are slowly started. Real Estate, Automobile manufactures are such examples.
First step to any successful marketing plan is setting some realistic goals. Once you are more specific about your goal like lead generation or website traffic you can combine your effort with website and digital marketing or Search Engine Optimization to achieve your goal at the earliest. You can see and measure the success of online marketing in different areas liken increasing website traffic, higher qualities of sales, effective leads, higher conversion rate which will give rest for your investments. You must allow your efforts with adequate amount of time, otherwise it be like chasing your own tail. Many markets make unnecessary adjustments and changes which will result in counter productive mistakes. Be realistic have proper communication with your markets and proper calculation on time to determine the benefits out of marketing. Set realistic goals which you hope to achieve and how much you expect to earn in term of ROI. Even Before you make a meeting or hand shake or smile at your potential customer, he or she would have looked at your website or made some decisions about your business.
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Strengthen your Online Presence:

Internet is am multifaceted and it is powerful tool too. Now let us see how can we use online marketing to build your brand.Now you may get a question of,

What is branding?

Branding is anything that helps your customer to recognize your company. Marketing and branding is different. Marketing is what you do and branding is what you are for. Through marketing you can increase your brand awareness at the same time promote the product what you provide to your client alone with your specialization.Traditional branding includes the below,

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Advertising methods and many

You may provide the best service in your field with high quality, honestly and focus on customer/client satisfaction but if people didn’t see you that way then you should focus on branding. Branding is key for success in any industry. Many businesses have started focusing in Digital Branding as three of fourth of population uses digital medium in their day to day life.
Around 90% of business will have branding strategies but a study says only 30% are consistently working on it. The more you are consistent with basic branding component the more likely someone is recognizing your brand.
One easiest way is to start a blog and post it regularly. Blogging will help you to boost search engine ranking. Regular posting of blog will make your website more readable to search engine. In addition, you will built credibility, build trust and build your contact. Regular blogging will get traffic to your website and if your website visitors gets what they actual look for then it adds value to your work.
Incorporating SEO have positive impact on your website ranking and traffic in search engine. Search Engine drives more traffic than social promotion. They also attract traffic to your website by optimizing the website and blog content to the search engine guidelines by improving ranking.
Key to build brand successful is choosing the right social media platform where your audience spent most of the time.Establish your presence on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked. Somehow you need to invest your time and effort to get the best result out of it.
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Remarketing (also called Retargeting) comes under paid version of building aware. Where you will re-target your website visitors. For this you need to place a tracking code in your website then will set cookie information on the browser when someones visits your website by this way installed tracking code will have the information of who visited the page. So by using retargeting you can show your ad in offers, events, new product to tracked audience and keep you brand on their mind. By this way you increase brand awareness and remember your website visitor about your brand.
Use Image that speak more. When choosing images for Website, Blog and other online marketing select image which describes your point in image. Image makes impact as it serves as memory triggers and will be easily registered in mind than usual text information.
Now larger portion of population learn through video, which has become more powerful. If your website is informative it is more likely to be shared. You can use videos to share your mission statement or to teach or tell your success story and more. Make sure your videos are optimized to the best to get many visitors.

Advantages of Online Marketing:


  • Attracting targeted visitors is the best part of Internet. With Online Marketing you can deal with customer in well automated and targeted manner
  • You are not restrained by opening hours or working days in online marketing, you influence your customer with reachability and accessibility of your Campaign. Online marketing allows you to be everywhere and at any time.
  • Build Relationship with your clients more effective
  • You can target specific vertical to your customer preference using online marketing.



Online Marketing is a powerful tool to help you grow your business and build reputation and branding. Once you have built branding you will receive more reach and get more visitors to your website. More the visitor more the leads and higher the probability to increase your sales.

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