Search Engine Optimization is the advanced technique using by which you can make your business website to rank top in Google SERP for the user searched query. There are several online tools available to enhance your SEO activities and monitor the progress as well. Here let’s go with some tools to build the SEO activities. 

google insight tools

Google Page Speed Insights: 

Page speed insights are the free online tool which helps you to check the loading time of your website on the desktop and on the mobile devices as well.  By simply entering the URL in the page speed insights website, you can test the loading time of the website on both the mobile and desktop devices. Also, it shows some ways to optimize the site speed as well. 

Google Keyword Planner: 

Google keyword planner is an online platform tool by using which you can identify the list of keywords with the huge search volume in your industry. By using Google keyword planner you can select the keywords based on the searches made from a specific location. Keyword selection is the main role, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. 

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is the free online website tracking platform developed by Google to track the number of users visiting the website, the amount of time user spends on our website, much more. By using this tool you can also track the location and also the demographic information about the website visitors.  

google tools

Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools: 

Google webmaster tool is the platform by using which you can know the errors on the website and also rectify them as well. By using the webmaster tools you can submit the XML sitemap of your website to the make the Google Bot to crawl your website effectively. This tool also gives the insights about the top ranking keywords in the search engines and also their landing pages as well. 

Google Trends: 

Google trends is the online tool which gives insights about the trending searches in the Google Search Engine. For example, if you’re maintaining a simple blogging site, you can use the Google Trends tool to know the search trends and also can blog accordingly. 

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