What is Featured Snippet?

The featured snippet is the answer to the search queries which appear on the search engine result page itself. Usually, when we search we will be getting the list of URL in the search engine result page only if you click on the URL, you will be getting information what you are looking for. This is not the case in a featured snippet; you will get answers in search engine result page itself of double the size of the meta description.

Optimize Your Featured Snippet

Advantages of Featured Snippet:


When featured snippet get triggered?

When users search by questions (like “What is IP”, “How to do content marketing“) in searches, then Google might display the results for those questions in a block called featured snippet. The featured snippet block includes the answer, Title of the page, Link to the page and URL.


From where answers are displayed in the featured snippet,

When user types question in the search box, then Google will detect the result pages which answer those questions and display them on top results as the featured snippet. You can also view the same in the organic listed links but what is different in the featured snippet is, it enhances the attention of the user to the particular page.

Customize Your WebPage for Featured Snippet


How to Optimize for the featured snippet?

Top performing pages in Ahrefs have featured in more than 4000 search queries. Here are the few studies, to give guidance on optimizing your content for the features snippet.

Ensure your content ranks better in the search engine result page. Your webpage should rank within top five links in a search result.

Provide best-summarized question and answers in the way it what people search for and matches the featured snippet.

As we have three types of the featured snippet in the list, table, and paragraph. Focus and optimize your web pages to it. If you are targeting for the paragraph featured snippet, ensure your paragraph has 4o to 50 words including the question to display that in the SERP as the featured snippet.