Using Google Tools to optimize images is the best and recommended way to rank effectively on Google Search. Also, Google uses advanced techniques to optimize the images based on the website and view-port. Below are the simple steps explained to optimize images using Google tools for best results in Page Speed Optimization and Search Engine Optimization.

image optimization using google tools

Steps in Optimizing image using Google Tools

  1. Upload Original High Definition images to the site
  2. Go to Google Page Speed Insights
  3. Enter the Page URL and click Analyze
  4. Download the Zip file and extract the images
  5. Delete the image on Site and Upload the new images


Upload HD Images to the Site

The first step is to upload the images in High Definition to the website and insert the images to the respective pages. This technique is compatible with Visual Composer and other website builders too!

upload images in hd to wordpress


Open Google Page Speed Insights

Once the page is published, go to the Google Page Speed Insights page :

Google Page Speed Insights with INFOZUB Blog URL


Analyze the Page and Optimize the images

Now, enter the URL of your website where the images are uploaded in HD without optimization. Once the analysis by Google is complete, it will compress the images to best standards.

Google Page Speed Insights Result Page


Download the ZIP File

Once the Analysis is complete, we have an option to download a ZIP file form the Google Page Speed Insights page. We have to download it and extract the files. We will be having a folder called “Images”, inside which the optimized images are present.

Google Page Speed Insights Download ZIP File


Replace images on the Website

Now, go to your website and delete all the old images. Upload the new ones and re-insert to the respective page. Make sure you clear the Cache (on Server and Browser). We have completed optimizing the images using Google tools! :)


Conclusion on using Google Tools for image optimization:

When you optimize images using Google Page Speed insights tool, you can easily improve page speed of your website and improve the rankings as well. If you have any question, let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

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